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luts doll rings

Oct 15, 2005

    1. Thanks for posting, that's just what i'm looking for :lol:
    2. *twitch* ...*tries to tell Taliesin that he doesn't need a ring*
    3. When I finally get Arkona, he's giving one to Rosalea as an engagement ring. :daisy
    4. Just a question... will these fit any size doll?
    5. I'm not sure honestly
    6. *Crevan begins whining about a ring, quickly pulls his hair* >_<
    7. Oh!! Thanks for posting this information.
      I hope it also fits my volks doll well..
    8. I wish they had pictures that weren't super close up so I could tell whether they look too big on the dolls.. Oh well, none of my boys would wear them anyway so I'm safe. Mostly just curiosity XD;;
    9. Hah!! Jola, I was just writing up a post about to show the same pics!!

      Here are a couple of close-ups for scale (btw, the ring would've fit her ring finger, but her default hands have the ring finger and middle finger fused, so I put it on her pinky, where it fits securely).



      There you go!

      -- Andi :)
    10. and in case anybody is wondering where Victor's ring came from - it came w/ my DOD Wi when i got him originally, he just never wore it!

    11. I asked about Hounds, they don't fit them.
    12. Orangebabydolly makes rings and cuffs that fit Hound . . . do a search in the Marketplace and she'll turn up :)

      -- Andi <3
    13. I know, but I want matching for hound and delf boy...perfer with a gemstone, even if it is a fake.
    14. :sorry I hope this isn't hijacking, but I thought I should mention that orangebabydolly has made some gemstone rings and does plan to make more. If you're interested in something custom, just send me a PM. I think she has carnelian, garnet, peridot, amethyst, star ruby and star sapphires right now. If there's a specific stone you'd like she can do that, also. The settings are bezel cups rather than prongs, though, so if you really want that traditional cocktail ring sort of look, Luts is a better option. SaiBySai bought one of the first amethyst rings for her Hound last weekend, so I'm hoping she'll send me a photo to post as an example. It was so new, we didn't get a chance to document it!