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LUTS: Dreaming Cherry art doll?

Aug 9, 2007

    1. Not sure what its going to be, but look at this! The front page has a new picture of a beautiful dreaming Cherry girl, Anemone, "my little blossom"

      Take a look at the front page, she's really pretty. My guess is shes going to be a limited art doll. Probably, considering the full clothing and all...eitehr that or a fullset? Not sure on the difference myself, shh ^.~


      Seems like Luts is really enjoying the events right now, eh?

      EDIT: Some new info, albeit not much. She's listed under Full Package, as pointed out by *asterisk*. There are some very beautiful picutres there, so go have a look!
    2. she's being sold under fullpackage :D
    3. does she have super tiny vampire teeth?
    4. She will cost $444.00,

      doll limit: 10