Event LUTS - Easter Egg Hunting event

Apr 11, 2017

    1. [​IMG]
      [PRIZE & COUPON detail]

      * Loterry Prize : Tiny Delf HANAEL / URIEL + Easter Bunny Ears M - total 2 dolls
      * Lottery Winner announcement & Coupon issue date : 18th April (Tue)
      * Coupon expire date : 18th May, for order over $100
      * Coupon is issued to only website members
      * Coupon is not replaced as cash or other product

      If you have further inquiry, please feel free to visit Luts <3
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    2. How do we check if all 10 eggs we found is entered?
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    3. Date is not matter, but we can't access the record until coupon issue date! :(
      Please understand it. Just in case, please check them all together! ;)
    4. The eggs don't disappear after you've clicked them. Just go back and count them as you go^^
    5. Thank you for your reply. When we found the eggs, it ask for Web id means our user id that we use to login, right
    6. Yes. Just type in your user name and it'll record that specific egg to your account in their system
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    7. Why is the website not secured?
    8. Because LUTS is not using https, which is the case for many doll shops actually (or too many websites at all).
      The website itself is not malicious.

      Unless you want to know why LUTS doesn't use https, that's something they need to explain I fear :sweat
    9. Is the coupon supposed to show up in the "my coupons" section?
      I've found all the eggs but I'm not sure if anything actually happened.
    10. The coupon will be issued on the 18th