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Luts' EL and LISHE restocked!

Jun 27, 2005

    1. Just saw it on Eluts.com... El is restocked again (5 left at the moment), Lishe is restocked as well (4)! I hate being broke... :( :cry:
      Ack! Also EL Special is restocked,4 available.. Grab your kids, people! :oops:
    2. Holy cow-i got the last Lishe :o yessss!!!!!
    3. Congratulations! :daisy Post pictures of your gorgeous little girl when she arrives!

      Surprisingly, even though this is the second time I've seen El restocked and on sale, and I don't have enough money to get him, I don't get upset... Instead, its like anticipation of the moment when I will actually have money to get him.. .And relief since they are still restocking him. :oops: Plus, I am happy to know that somebody has been lucky, and their boy is coming home. :daisy
    4. I saw that earlier this morning. For the longest time I wanted an El, but yesterday I made up my mind to go with Yder. When I went to the site this morning to order Yder, there El was, in stock. xD He was testing me. I went with Yder in the end.
      =3 It really is wonderful when you finally have enough and you go to that 'buy now' button. <3 I hope that you get to experience that soon. ^.^
    5. Thanks MyPrecious (love your kitty!). The anticipation is delicious, isn't it? I'll be so happy for you when it is your boy's turn to come home :grin:

    6. ^_^ Thank you so much for your kind words... Actually, I realized that saving a bit of money instead of getting him with a credit card or the money I am supposed to use for bills is in fact the right way to do it... And when I get him, I will honestly feel like I've earned him. (Plus, no crazy credit card bills... :oops: )
      And I will post plennnty of pictures when my boy comes! And for now I have my kitty to photograph. :lol:
    7. I am going to print out your words, and tape them to my monitor! These are words to live by--just what I needed to hear this morning!

      Best wishes to you in your saving and waiting. :daisy
    8. they are out of stock when i checked.. like now
    9. Heh, thank you! ^_^ Good luck to you as well :daisy What else can I say? Eat your veggies! :grin:
      And yes, it seems that Luts only restocks 5 dolls at a time, so that would make 10 El purchases possible: 5 El specials and 5 Els. They do sell out very quickly.
    10. Wow, you have strong resolve, lol...Congrats on ordering your first BJD kid...when you unwrap them for the first time, seriously-words just can't describe how you will feel. They are so beautiful, and so fragile looking laying there nekkie, waiting for you to love them and get them settled. You are going to LOVE him, be sure to post LOTS of pictures!
    11. Oh, I'll be going picture happy. xD But I think I'll be spazzing out even more because I have never seen a BJD up close. The closest I've been to one is about 10 feet at a convention. >>'; Never held one or anything. ^.^
    12. OT: KeiCai_Ayan, love your avvie, who is it? (Sorry for silly question)...
    13. xD I don't mind it at all! It's Gackt, a famous Japanese singer...

      >.> www.gackt.us <--- English non-official website with loads of info. xD

      EDIT: @.@ You also live in Chicago... xDDD Another person I've found today in the boards that only lives 4 hours away from me... Haha.
    14. Heh, do you go to Acen? Because if you do, I'll be there with my Boy Next year! (Ooh, you better believe I will have him by then... :sneaky ) :daisy
    15. XDDD I've been to Acen for the past... *counts* o.o 4 years I think? 4... yea... I think. o_O'; Geh! xD Went to Acen in May. =3 But definately. We shall meet up. xD That would be cool.
    16. My reaction, when I saw my first BJD up close (my Dean), was to marvel at how detailed, and tiny, the brushstrokes are on the eyebrows and eyelashes. And how fine they looked on the resin. And the bodies are heavier than you think they're going to be. You can't tell all this from the photos!
    17. El Special is restocked, 1 left! XD
    18. Restocked again, 1 Lishe Special left, and 3 El Specials left.... :daisy