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Luts English site

Aug 31, 2004

    1. Looks like the Luts English site is at least up - nothing is 'in stock' however. Wonder if it will 'open' officially while they're still on holidays... o_O lol. Prices all seem to be the same - except the make-up service that's now at $50. But they take credit cards! *cheers* Can't wait for them to get it fully up. ^_^


      And... *giggles*
      Customer Service
      Representative : Doogi Howser

      Do you think that's for real? Does anyone else even know why I'm laughing, or do you all just think me weird...?
    2. *O*~

      i'm hoping that stuff will be in stock soon *_*~
    3. Taking CC .... Thats cool ... Still cheaper than bank transfers and paying paypal fees :)

      I am still trying to raise funds for a Lishe ... Ohhh Lishe :cry:
    4. This is so cool... by the time I'm ready to get a chiwoo, the site should be up fully.

      I'll probably never have to buy my dolls through a service because all these sites are selling directly to international countries! :grin:
    5. Well, I have to admit, it's a lot prettier than the normal Luts site. 0_o.

      Now I'm gonna go broke AGAIN. :cry:

    6. I think that is the person's real name :? Before my computer went dead I had the chance to email Luts and it took a year for Doogi to respond. Even if it was broken english I was able to read it. He/She was very polite and happy that I was interested in their dolls. The name reminds me of the tv show :lol: I think its cool anyway.
    7. Thank you for posting, I probably wouldn't have checked the site for updates for another few days. :D

      I'm tempted to try and save for more than one CP doll if they're going to be so easy to order from. :chibi
    8. ooo awesome! except everything looks sold out :(
    9. Nothings been put into stock yet! :grin:

      ~ The website will hopefully be up and running by the 13th September and they hope to have everything avalible to buy by the end of this month.

      There will be a few items that will go on sale sometime during December {Elf Lishie, Lishie body}.
    10. :D Just in time for when I can afford El in October!

      Man, October is going to be such a fun month. Dolls, Peacemaker Kurogane and Giant Robo on US DVD, PMK manga released, Yaoi-Con...

      ...gonna be a slow September. @_@
    11. Elf Lishe in December... that is good timing for me:D and a long wait :crushed.. My feelings are so mixed up!!!! I will still keep my pre-order with Liria though, but I might order directly from Luts in the future...

      - Therese
    12. Elf Lishe by December ... Cool ...
      Where did you hear that ? :o
    13. There's something in the Q and A section about the site being fully up for the 13th of September...hence nothing appears to be in stock.
    14. At the Luts site. ^_~
    15. *sits and drools all over the screen* Ooooh...that means I could get a Chiwoo direct from Luts as my first doll...how cool. Or maybe a Shiwoo, or El, or Lishe...or...oh my God my head is going to explode...but in a good way. :grin:
    16. An Elf Lishe .....now thats nice !!!!!!!!!!
      mhhhhh what isnt nailed down that I can sell !
      I could see Idrill with one of those