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Luts Fee clothes section

Oct 22, 2005

    1. Wonder if they'd fit DoD dolls?
    2. dont think so, the mini fee are supposed to be slimmer, shorter (and bigger bust - soo) than dod i think *_*
    3. Fees are supposed to be more Unoa size I think (I got that impression from the reading ) their shoes fit Unoa ,
      Cant wait for them to being out the El and Lishe (especially EL ) LOL
    4. I guess it must be in the air--two separate Lands End catalogs are showing on their covers pink & brown outfits with white shirts.

      But the Fee's outfits are cuter. :chibi

      Ann in CT
    5. do you think that the fee clothes would fit Volks MSD?
    6. If it's form fitting then probably not...at least as far as the females go. The fee girls are very mature....they have like Lishe bodies in smaller scale.
    7. Sadly, I don't think so... I wish they'd... 'cause I like some o.o (gah, I've got to save up... can't buy stuff...)
    8. I too think these clothes will fit Unoa, but not MSD. Fees have really slim bodies... I'm waiting for onwer's pictures, mainly comparison shots. ^^
    9. Thank you! I just ordered the Uniform Vicious version for girl! Hooray! Thank you again! :grin:
    10. I wonder if it's worth the risk trying to get them to fit my unoa? what do you guys think?
    11. I have checked Unoa's and Fee's measurement... it looks like they can wear the same clothes... anyway, look at this:
      and go in Soo Fee page ^^
      I'm not sure yet if I want to buy something for my unoa boy...

    12. my unoa girl is months away.. like.. 8 months, so no use in my buying her clothes now XD. But i'de love to see how they fit!
    13. I hope they fit unoas, those are some awfully cute outifts! :D
    14. I'm taking a chance that it will fit Narae. I checked the measurements and although Narae's waist is almost a half an inch larger, I think I can make due...