Luts Grand Senior Delf Discussion

Dec 12, 2020

    1. Let us talk about these boys!

      Link to Grand Senior Delfs

      Grand Senior Delf BOY SIZE DATA

      (Height) : 75.5 cm (head included)
      (Height) : 69.3 cm (body only)
      (Girth of Head) : 8~9 inch (wig)
      (Body upper parts height) : 20 cm
      (Body lower parts height) : 49.4 cm
      (Girth of neck) : 13.1 cm
      (Girth of chest) : 37 cm
      (Girth of waist) : 24.9 cm
      (Girth of hips) : 31.6 cm
      (Width of shoulders) : 20 cm
      (Length of arm parts) : 23.3 cm
      (Girth of thigh part) : 19.4 cm
      (Length of thigh part) : 20.5 cm
      (Length of thigh part) : 15.4 cm
      (Length of calf part) : 19.8 cm
      (Girth of ankle) : 10.5 cm
      (Foot length) : 9.5 cm
      (Foot width) : 4 cm
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    2. Currently I'm a bit unsure about the size of these dolls. I'm used to SDs around 60-65cm tall. I only have one doll that is 70cm and that is my DOI Luke. But I don't feel that he is too tall either though, so maybe 75.5cm won't be all that bad?
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    3. They are a little wonky looking. Small head thick body. Though it's not stopping me from ordering a Saturn. I'm just waiting to hear back if I can get the discount through a dealer. Meanwhile everything I wanted to order is selling out. :sweat
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    4. I too think they look a bit wonky. I'm wondering if the current heads they offer with them are the same size as their normal SD heads but with bigger necks? The heads look oddly small with such broad shoulders. I have an older SSDF Flood whom I've been considering getting the newer version SSDF body for but now I'm wondering if he'll fit on the GSD body since he has probably the biggest neck of all my Luts heads.
    5. @BlankLucky Congrats on getting Saturn! I want to get him too but I can't choose between normal skin and brown skin. I got super excited when Luts released these big guys~ Hope to get one next year. :D

      @Cap'n I agree that the heads look quite small. I feel like the face could be a bit longer or something. Anyway, I think they still look good and the body seems to pose well. :)
    6. The head size is mainly now what keeps me from getting one, oneday. I once owned an Iplehouse FID and they just felt very pinheaded to me. Which I'm not the biggest fan of. I got the same feeling from these boys.

      I just feel these boys would fit better in with the other Luts SDs if their heads were a bit larger as it would be a better fit for their body size. Also their faces could look more grownup, more mature. I second longer faces as opposed to the more round babyfaces. Longer faces. less round baby cheeks and sharper cheek bones.

      I know I want more SD boys from Luts in the future, but I feel a bit safer going for a SSDF first.
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    7. @manabusama I feel you. I once owned an Iple boy and I didn't like his proportion.
      But I'm so attracted to these Luts boys.:lol::lol::lol:I somehow think the proportion looks better than Iple I owned. :?
    8. I actually do like the IH dolls very much. I do have an YID and SID boy. I'm fine with their head size. It were the FID that I had a bit of an issue with. Back when they first were released people also then pointed out they looked more pinheaded in comparison to the EID dolls. But I guess the GSDFs are a bit better. Still, their heads could have been a bit larger!
    9. @manabusama I agree that the FIDs looked more pinheaded in comparison to the EIDs. :)

      As for GSDF, I do hope Luts will release bigger heads in the future because the body looks so nice. I'd love to see more mature faces. This first release, I think Abadon's head is the biggest and Saturn is the smallest. But Jupiter's round face makes him look even smaller than the rest.
    10. I definitely do like the idea of having a Luts doll with that big strong looking body, but they need to make some larger head options first as well. There is no doubt that they are very beautiful face sculpts though. Abadon I think is my favourite out of the three of them. Maybe he will be easier to get used too since his head appear to look a bit larger.
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    11. I just compared the SSDF body pictures with the GSDF body pictures. I like the SSDF head and body proportions better. The huge broad GSDF seem a bit scary and intimidationg to me because of the head and body proportions.

      Or maybe it is because of how big the doll is that I feel that way, I'm not quite sure..
    12. Not sure if its on the site somewhere but luts posted a comparison photo of two other their dolls with the gsdf here. Login • Instagram
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    13. When I see them side by side like that, then it looks pretty good After all. But I´m definitely not ready for that size quite yet. I have yet to get a SSDF first. And at the moment I have to focus on getting my SDF65 Bliss his slenger body.

      Edit: Actually I’m starting to think it’s just the size of the doll that kind of scaring me a bit. To me he’s like a titan :sweat
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    14. The GSD head does look the same size as the SSDF head but with a much bigger neck. That GSD looks nearly as thick as the head! Online it shows that the GSD has a 13cm neck too while the SSDF is only 9.8. Though I do like that GSD body, unless a bigger head could be hyrbid on, I think I'm gonna pass on it. :/
    15. I think the body is way too tall and the proportion is way too off in my opinion. The heads do look nice but GSD Abadon head does not look the same as the original SDF Abadon? And how would the neck fit if I were to put GSD heads on different bodies? Curious. For example SD17 has girth of 12cm, GSD's neck girth is 13.1
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    16. hello~ CLAMP aesthetic
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    17. It seems like more makers are jumping on this 75cm thicc body, smol head JoJo trend. Is there really that much demand for this style? I have one 80cm doll and one giant is enough for me. I've already been in the hobby for 20 years, getting a little bit older and and I'm starting to think about things like whether I'll be able to handle dolls with this kind of heft in another 20.

      That being said, there is a head I really like made for this size body. It's good to have more options if I decide to go there regardless of good sense.
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    18. it's like the gym oppa aesthetic where influencers Photoshop their head smaller to appear more swole.
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    19. I like the aesthetic of the body, and had been hoping for a slightly taller/buffer SSDF body . . . but I'm not sure if I want a doll quite this big. :sweat I'd probably get one anyway though, if only the heads were bigger. Proportions wise I feel like they won't fit in well with most other Luts big dolls, sort of like how Model Delfs have such small heads that they don't fit in well with most mature, stylized minis.

      Still, nice to see Luts trying something like this! I will definitely consider buying one in the future if they ever release larger heads.