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Luts has fur wigs now~

Dec 19, 2005

    1. Sorry if this's been posted already...or shouldn't be? :X

      Numero Uno
      Numero Dos

      Neither have prices up, though ^^;
    2. I've never been one for fur wigs, but the colors on these two are really nice. Thanks for the update. <3
    3. Nice! I wonder how much they'll cost...
    4. x3 YAY~! I love fur wigs. Hope they'll come in kid delf size soon. *-*
    5. lindisimos! = D
      fur wigs r so cool! ^0^
      maybe $25? @.@
    6. Que lindas XD!

      I love fur wigs!!!!!!
    7. Hehehe... furry! *ruffles Shiwoo's hair* I love fur wigs, hopefuly Luts'll make lots more ^^
    8. Price is there now.... $12..
    9. piggybacking onto your post - in the accessories section there are 3 new couches ... to bad they are $100 each! feh.
    10. Yay!! I adore fur wigs--there's just so much that's cool you can do with them! I really like the cinnamon and sugar colors of the second one, and Shiwoo looks great in them both!

    11. Really lovely! I hope they release black one as well ^^
    12. Those are really nice (and a great deal, too!) *wants one in each color they release*
    13. a couple hours ago there were three or so of the reddish color in stock, and i wanted to order one with my boy, but couldn't at the time. went back about twenty minutes ago and it was out of stock! oh well, next time i guess..! XD
    14. hey $12 ~ not bad!