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Luts has some new clothes ...

Dec 29, 2004

    1. Union Jack pants and shirts among other things...
      I got the pants,to go with the boots i already have...but no boy yet...only a few more weeks!
    2. The Soo Special wearing the bunny shirt is SO adorable.
      She's very 'Japanese Girl'.
    3. I wish they'd make Kid-Delf versions of these things. :| I would love the Korean boys outfit for Ichiiro, but alas - wrong size.
    4. yay! I was finally able to get the boy's shirt I wanted. I've been checking since early November for it & haven't been able to snag it.

      Thanks for the update! :)
    5. Hey, does anyone know if the clothes at Luts - the turtlneck shirts and the button-down shirts especially, and maybe the pants - will fit an SD13 boy? The long-legged version?
    6. I don't know about the shirt, but the pants probably would. I got a pair of the leather pants, but they're really too long for my elf El. (We're talking about like an inch or inch and a half here!) I'm going to have to hem them if I want them to look right. I'm not sure if they make all of their pants that long though...
    7. Cripes! Most of them are sold out already!

      Sigh, more waiting...

      Loki's Mom