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Luts HDF - Clothing size questions

Dec 11, 2017

    1. Hello! My first doll, a luts HDF (gabriel) began production a couple months ago, and in excitement/preparation I wanted to find toy store-brand doll clothing that may fit her. My local Toys-R-Us has this new series called Journey Girls, and I would really love to find out if their clothing or furniture sets would fit her! I also live in Canada, just in case any non-accessible store chains are suggested. :)

      Any recommendations or suggestions on other Walmart/toy store clothes (i.e. Barbie, American Girl, etc.) that may fit her are also welcome!
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    2. First of all, congratulations on ordering your first doll! :) It's always so exciting! I hope that she'll be everything you expect her to be!

      Luts HDF is quite similar to average YOSD size, meaning that there's no way that clothing from brands like Barbie (way too thin!) or AG (way too BIG) will fit her. I'm uncertain whether there's any NA-limited doll brand clothing that will fit her, but it seems very unlikely.

      I recommend you take a look at the measurements on Luts' website if you would like an impression of how wide your doll will be when compared to a fashion doll or AG doll. I could even send you some comparison photos if you'd like - given that you are new to the hobby - just so you can see the size difference for yourself.
    3. Congrats on your first doll! To add to Yuna264's great explanation, I've heard of people buying American Girl clothing and altering it. I've not done it myself, so I don't know how much of a pain it would be. But the clothing will definitely need to be altered to fit. From what I've seen, Journey Girls look a little less wide compared to American Girl dolls, so perhaps it won't be as bad?

      The furniture looks great with MSD 1/4 dolls though. There's a bit thread by vicemage with lots of photos with AG (not Journey Girls sorry :( ) about that here: https://denofangels.com/threads/msd-with-american-girl-furniture-and-accessories.734686/
    4. To give you a visual idea, my CH Hanael is the yo SD size ( she's the little one here) & her sister is MSD size.
      The chair beside them is probably American Girl size.
      As someone said, the BJD's are much more human proportioned than the dolls in stores. AG being much wider & Barbie etc being much thinner in comparison.
      I've modified an AG costume to fit an SD size doll before by taking in the side seams about two inches & then adding length to the skirt & sleeves. On MSD's they'd be the right length but would have to be taken in so much you'd lose the design of the dress.
      There are some great shops on etsy you might look at. And, if you sew, the yo's are a fun size to make clothes for as it doesn't take much fabric or time to make them something.
      In the toy stores, watch for 10 1/2" or 26cm dolls when eyeing clothes & props.
      good luck!
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    5. Thank you for all the amazing replies!!
      I didn't think she'd be so tiny compared to others, but gosh I think I love that even more about YOSD's!
      I do sew, and have actually finished a dress for her yesterday! I hope it'll fit. Here's a pic. (I'm working on a matching lolita-fashion-style headdress, but it's unfinished so I'll leave that photo out for now. I also intend on adding tiny stitching to the bottom hemn of the dress, to give the dress more of a cute, miniature feeling.


      Thank you all so much for the help!!! <3
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    6. That is such an adorable dress! Well done, great work. It's so very cute <3