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Luts head on Serendipity body?

Mar 8, 2006

    1. Hi all... I am looking for an MSD girl body for my luts kid Delf head, but I don't think the Kid delf body would be a good fit her. I like the Serendipity body - does anyone have any idea if this might work as far as neck fit and resin match?

      Thanks guys! :) :aheartbea
    2. Which Serendipity body do you mean? Sharmin, ISMY, Freyja...? I'm not familiar with Serendipity dolls, but if you specify which body you mean, it'll help those who are.
    3. You are right of course. :oops: I mean this body right here: http://www.dollmore.net/shop/step1.php?number=884
      I like how slender it is. It would work well for an elf girl in my opinion.
    4. I don't have my KD yet, but, I have seen a DoD (whose head is smaller than KD) and a Sharmin with that body side by side--from what I can guess, this would be a major proportional no-no. I have a feeling that a Kid Delf head would look kind of like one of those bobblehead dollies on a Serendipity body. I know there is a Ttori head on the Luts Mini Fee body around here, so maybe that would work...?
    5. Bobbleheads! Wow. o_O Thank you so much though...

      About the MF body - are those available to buy by themselves? *ish ignorant*
    6. Nope, and Luts said they don't intend to sell them separately. >_>
    7. Actually MNF bodies and Sharmin bodies are about the same size wise. MNF have bigger breasts, but the torso is actually about the same. It wouldn't look anymore out of proportion than a normal MNF already looks. (their heads are a little large for me in my opinion o_O)

      I think the only differences would be the resin, the newer sharmin bodies are very, very pale pinkish white. I'm not familiar with Luts kid delf though.. so good luck. ^^ I would probably suggest trying to split a MNF with someone for a body, as its from the same company resin match would probably be a lot better.
    8. I know that DoC heads fit on Serendipity ISMY bodies...And I think the KD and DoC heads are comparable, since they both fit on the MNF body, though not perfectly.
    9. hi i have kid delf heads and a sharmin body does not work the delf head is bigish and round. and the serendipity body has small narrow shoulders which make the head look huge and disproportionate.and the colors do not match flesh tone or B/W. serendipity s color is a pale ivory with pink undertone.so dont blow youre money on the serendipity like i did.
    10. I'm a visual person, so I took pictures. (:

      Luts Elf Ttory head on Serendipity Alice's Body
      The resin is very mismatched. Beauty White would almost work if you did some blushing. The head is a little large on such a skinny body, but it would work if your dollie is in that gangly 5-to-7-year-old stage. XD
      Hope this was helpful!
    11. maybe the cutie delf head would work better then the Kid delf head. the cutie delfs are smaller and wear the same wig and eye size as the serendipity heads according to the measurments...i'll be trying this combination soon as i pay off my layaway on the serendipity body, i'll post pics if anyone wants any, i'm sure i'll have to do some blushing or something with the resin colors though