Luts Honey Delf Discussion part 4

Dec 8, 2019

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    2. I am not a small doll person, I have two Yo-SD sized dolls, one MSD I don't touch and now her. All of my dolls are SD - 75cm.

      I got my Madeline x Blume in the mail today and omg:
      Zeal on Instagram: “New girl as a joint doll for fiance and I. Pinky promise ~ I also got that luts carry bag with the windows on the side for the doll. It's…”

      She was so sweet and I had to be so gentle and I nearly teared up with how sweet she is. I want more now lol. Her body is strung SO freaking tightly though that she is kind of a pain to handle, but otherwise I adore her. The Blume wig is something else too. It's perfectly styled and every fiber is in place and so so so soft. I can't seem to connect to their website though (does anyone have it)?

      Anyway, she is so sweet and her expression is a heart melter. Just wanted to show everyone ^_^
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    3. Littlebirdzoom: Your little Madeline Romance is lovely! Glad you are happy with her. This is my favorite version of Madeline. I also love the Hodoo LutsXBlume.

      Honey31 Delf ‘LUTS X BLUME’ Hodoo Limited (31 cm)

    4. She's precious, @Littlebirdzoom. Her faceup is fantastic - much better than I expected. I've always found LUTS faceups to be a bit on the basic side, but this one looks like it has just the right amount of expression.

      On that note, after spending the past couple of weeks ogling at the new special resin release, I've finally ordered a HDF Ani in "Strawberry Pink." I did get her with a company faceup, as well. I'm looking forward to posting her here!
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    5. Hi! I am happy to join the Honey Delf forum! Here is my new girl, Sayo! :3nodding: She's an ANI on the Honey Delf Body Type 3 (Multi Body). I ordered her on the fullset~ The outfit is gorgeous! :blush

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    6. I changed Sayo's eye color~ As much as I liked the gold, I was looking for a cooler color. So, here she is again! :3nodding:

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    7. She's gorgeous! :D
    8. Very pretty girls, I think Sayo's new blue eyes suit her well.

      Dash says hello to the new thread!
      by clochette62, on Flickr
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    9. Sayo is too cute, @Shougi. I bought that outfit off of Taobao for my husband and the fabric pattern is awesome. I've got a matching one for my dolls, too. :D

      Now I'm getting impatient waiting for my Strawberry Pink Ani to ship. It's been about a month and a half, so hopefully she comes home soon. :eusa_pray
    10. Aww, thanks! And, yes, the outfit is very nice! :3nodding: A strawberry pink Ani? :love Please share pictures! I'm sure she'll look adorable!

      Sharing a picture of Sayo in her new outfit~ I also changed her hair and eyes. :whee:

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    11. Hello! As cute as my Sayo was, I felt like her face wasn't exactly what I was looking for in terms of a girl, so I decided to turn her into a boy. I initially planned on getting HDF Ani as a boy, but changed my mind at the last minute, so it all works~ I just need to get some boy clothes now. :sweat

      Meet Asuna~ :3nodding:

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    12. Here's an updated picture of Asuna. His wig and clothes arrived today~! :3nodding:

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    13. Asuna is just darling ^__^ congrats on your little boy. (I liked him as a girl too though.) His clothes are super adorable.
    14. Thank you! I know~ He looked cute as a girl... :aheartbea But I felt like (especially, in person) the face seemed to not fit the image I was looking for in a girl, but more of what I was looking for in a boy--if that makes sense. :sweat But, don't worry! I plan on making my Sayo again. :3nodding: She'll have the same outfit (kimono) and hair (maybe) that she had, but she'll have a different mold. I'm considering a Honey31 Delf YEONDU! :blush
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    15. Here's a photo of my Honey Delf ANI, Luka (new name and new look)! :blush


      When LUTS released the outfit, I had to have it! After receiving it, I decided to make his character European~ :whee:
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    16. Wow!!! He's super cute!!! Love it!!! :aheartbea
    17. Thanks! :blush
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    18. @Shougi He's a precious BB! How do you find clothing sizes and accessories?
    19. His clothing is from LUTS and the camera is from Dollmore. He is on the Honey Delf Body Type 3 (Multi Body), so HONEY (26cm) size clothing fits him perfectly. I haven't tried clothing from other places, so I'm not sure how they fit, but I believe they would fit fine. :3nodding:
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    20. @Shougi Thanks! I can't wait for my Honey Delf to arrive! (I'm still paying him off)