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Luts & Iplehouse match? Would a Luts body and Iplehouse head work?

Mar 29, 2011

    1. Sorry if this is the wrong place to post this, feel free to move if necessary.

      Ok, so I was wondering if an Iplehouse head (Freezia sculpt to be exact) would work on a Luts Delf immature girl body? I really like Freezia's sculpt and think she would work really well for a character I'm wanting, but her body.... not so much. Its a little too mature for what I need, plus I hate the look of the hands. :| Anyway, I did some digging and I think the Luts Delf girl immature body would be perfect for this character, but would they match? Is the resin a close enough match to look ok? I specifically need normal skin, but it looks like you can't buy Freezia's head in normal (just white) so I guess if I really want normal I'd have to buy her whole and sell the body later? Anyway, would the head look awkward on a smaller body? Any information would be appreciated, thanks. :)
    2. Keep checking this link for more Freezia heads; there's a Gentle freezia in normal at the bottom: http://www.iplehouse.net/shop/step1.php?number=2193

      Go to the picture request forum and ask there for help in matching YID heads to LUTS bodies. Worst comes to worst...re-sell? Iplehouse dolls tend to not be easy to change bodies for, although that might just be for Iple boys. My suggestion is that you look for a different sculpt.
    3. Gentle Freezia won't work at all... the character has really big eyes, kind of a defining feature. I've looked at every doll site I know of and really this is the only head sculpt I have found that I think could work.
    4. I'm in exactly the same fix with WS... did you check the Resin comparison database? I think the only thing that matches IP resin well is Domuya. There are several NS bodies on the market place and they are at least thinner and not as chesty.

      Also it seems like Iplehouse is moving or something that's why so many things are out of stock. The move is supposed to be done at the end of April and they'll start restocking then.

      Best of luck with this!!!
    5. Thought i'd link this
    6. Thanks a lot! I'll have to have a look at the Domuya bodys to see if one of them will. I would look at the ones on the market, but unfortunately I don't have access yet... ^-^ In a few days though I will! Hopefully then they will get a normal skin Freezia head back in stock after the move. Thanks for all the info and the link! That really helps! ^-^
    7. n/p! Good luck!