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Luts is going to issue more parts

Nov 15, 2004

    1. FYI, I emailed Doogie (love that name BTW) to ask about acquiring just a Lishe body, here is what he said... and yes it's nice to be called Lovely Sherry first thing on a monday morning back at work, and it's double nice to know I have a friend called Doogie. :grin:
      hi~! lovely sherry~
      how are you doing? (^^:)
      glad to meet you, again~!
      i had received your mail.
      i have plan that luts sales Lishe body,Chiwoo head only and so on..
      i will do sale the items, as soon as possible.
      if you have any question, send mail to me.

      have a nice & happy day~!
      from : your friend....doogi (^^:)
    2. That's awesome news. I'd love to have a Chiwoo head. :)
    3. Wow I hope they do an El head !
    4. Awww, the folks at eLuts are so cute!
      Thanks for sharing this e-mail with us! It's nice to know they're going to sell parts seperate ^_^
    5. Doogie = Too Adorable. End of story. (I also got a very cheery email from him to tell me my package was on it's way.) XDD
    6. This is veryyyy good news. >:D
    7. The Luts people are so cute and sweet! XD I read there Q&A just to see the lovely answers they give everyone. ^_^ I'm looking forward to the individual parts. Er. Although, the only thing I'd be buying is a boy body, since I've already got an extra head, and you can get them already. But it's good news none the less.
    8. I hope they do an el head too! (both of them!)
    9. I'd die if they sold elf el head, but that will never happen. XD I wonder when they're going to put it all up... o.O
    10. Did you know that his full name is actually Doogie Howser?

      I kid you not, I sent something back to Luts this week.

      I giggle for like half an hour... not in a mean way mind you. It is just too cute.
    11. Is it really LOLLL how funny is THAT?? Anyway I asked him if it would be around January, and he replied that he just didn't know when it would be, and yes again I was lovely and he was my friend. He said he hopes soon.

      I'm sure he doesn't want to say, so we don't all go you SAID January! LOL! I hope it's soon!!
    12. None of the Limited CP Editions will be available as optional parts. *asked them few weeks back* For the obvious reason: they're Limited and Special.

      In the words of Sei on Luts Q&A board:
      be patient ^^
    13. Well, of course, but it's fun to pretend. Haha. Anyway, I just hope they release a El head, so I can try turning it into Elf El to make things easier.
    14. Patient? I'm a doll collector. Those phrases just don't go together. :grin: :D :cow