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Luts Kid .vs. Dollmore Kid - Please Help?

Nov 12, 2008

    1. Hello Everyone,
      Im looking to buy either a Luts Kid Delf Cherry or a Dollmore Kid Momo. :aheartbea
      But first before i decide Id like to know a few things.:?

      Which doll is more pose able?
      Which company is more reputable?
      Which company has reliable fast delivery?
      Pros & Cons of each doll?

      Any advice whatsoever is very helpful to me.:eusa_pray :sorry
    2. hmmm i don't own either yet and i'm not 100% sure but

      Dollmore ships EMS so it's very fast delievery ( well so i've heard)

      not sure about any other questions, but i hope i helped (alittle) :)
    3. '

      thankyou so much hun':aheartbea:aheartbea
    4. I've heard that the Dollmores are the more poseable of the two, Luts almost always require restringing straight from the box.

      ....but, alas, I do not yet have my own, this is knowledge taken from others.


      Good luck!
    5. I've heard of Luts's 60cm dolls needing to be restrung when you get them, but I've never heard that about kid delfs.

      I haven't handled the Dollmore kid dolls at all (only ever saw one once IRL very briefly and didn't handle it at all) but kid delfs are good posers. Mine's a tad tight and tends to be a little kicky but most people don't seem to have that problem, and I'm very satisfied with how she poses despite that... obviously, since I've been too lazy to restring her.

      Both Luts and Dollmore are reliable and have good reputations. Both use EMS for shipping (pretty much all doll companies do) so you'll receive your doll 3-5 days after it's put in the mail. The big wait is for the production of the doll, and that tends to be 20-40 days. How long really depends on the season (summer is rainy season and therefore slower) and how busy the company is (holiday season or around events tends to be pretty busy).
    6. I own 2 dollmore MSDs and one Luts MSD. I have a dollmore aidan and U-jee, and a luts kid delf bory.

      Both have their pros and cons.. I find the kid delf poses a bit better then the dollmore msds, and I didnt have to restring my bory when he got here, he posed well right out of the box.

      The dollmore msd stands far more sturdily then the kid delf does, and is a little taller then the kid delf. I didnt have to restring them either when they got here.

      The downside I find though when ordering from luts is that they take forever to ship, and whenever Iv ordered from them they are lacking in their customer service area.

      Dollmore is far faster, I ordered my U-jee girl back in august, got her just in two weeks, and that was with a custom face-up.

      Which ever you pick, you can always save up to get the other that you want eventually.
    7. I have a Dollmore Momo and he is a good poser and not in the least kickly. He just an all around sturdy guy. Nice resin although I didn't care for his seams and sanded them down. And he has that beautiful sullen face!




      Good luck on deciding your next boy, you probably can't go wrong with either.
    8. Hi ^^
      I post here too !
      I have one head kid luts and later i want to hybird one body with this head and unoa too

      I hesitate with one dollmore kid girl body or one kid delf+unoa bus >.<
      I don't like so much the dollmore hands but...

      I want to know if kid luts head is compatible with dollmore body, and how body is more posable? and if i take dollmore body (i like the thighs of dollmore girl *v*) can i change hands with unoa hands????

      thanks so much if your have answer *v*
      I want to buy my christmas present, but i don't make error !!
    9. Can I revive this thread? Can anyone post a side by side of a kid self and a dollmore kid?