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Luts Limited Art Delf - Royal Guard Yder

Dec 8, 2005

    1. o.o i wanna see the full color piiiiics~

      he's already lookin' fab.
    2. OMG evil LUTS!!!!

      I just made an order today and know they come up with something like this!! EBUUUHL! XD
    3. nice :D

      although he's not for sale yet... :(
    4. Luts hates me. Thank goodness he isn't "Elvish Royal Guard Yder".

      (Gosh, I must be growing up...I'm finally starting to notice boys...!)
    5. Luts is really laying it all down, aren't they? Geez, out of control with the new dolls!
    6. I literally ghasped and grabbed my mouth, and then I owed and grabbed my mouth with my other hand. My nose is sore on the right side.. XD

      Ahem, enaugh of that. HE IS AWSUM. <33333
    7. Luts and DOD made a plan to kill us.
      DOD released the DOT...
      Luts Released Miyu and some limiteds...
      Than Luts make that x-mas event...
      and now THIS!
      So much beauty will make our hearts explode &#242;.o
    8. *nosebleed*

      Exactly! They must have made some insane plan to kill us all!


      *runs in circles*
    9. Good GOD, yes. As it is, the only thing that's stopping me is that I couldn't bare to repaint a limited.... *CRIES*

    10. To make things worse, Dolpa is coming up *spasms* D:

      Oh Luts how I love thee. @_@
    11. Luts is trying to kill us with beauty! @_@ When did that doll come out anyways? Its a Yder and I want it! T_T
    12. And I thought my joke about Weapons of Mass-Destrucion was funny... -_-"


      But yes they are really... EBUL!
    13. I swear when I read the title of this post my eyes widened and my mouth dropped.

      Then I looked at him.

      Yder is, by far, my favourite doll. Sculp. Mold. Ever. o_o'; *pets her Yder* I'm planning two more Yder boys.... and oh gods.

      @_____@ I can't afford him. I must just... keep telling myself that.... yea.... mhm..... @_____@
    14. Ack *clutches at her heart* My heart is getting weaker and weaker from all these gorgeous releases. XD Evil=Luts=<3
    15. lol i agree :D

      oh well i must resist.... Elf yder!!!! oh next year come faster... :D
    16. Wow, I can't wait to see colour pics :love
    17. Handsome! And yeah, everything coming at us >< I almost have a hard time following all the bjd news!
    18. *dies* LUTS... you're not being fair! Making too many limited dolls that I don't have near enough money for!