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Luts Limited SSDF Dion & Cian (+ DREAMING HEAD)

Jan 20, 2010

    1. Link to news and event thread >> Here
    2. Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaah! DREAMING DIOOOOOOOOOON! TAT I'm doomed, SO DOOMED. Luts....I have things to buy...I can't always run back to you. Also curious to see how Dion will look as a SSDF! ^^
    3. I have to say im in the same boat as Yukichi in regards to how i feel about re-releasing limited dolls, or at least sculpts that are supposed to be limited ^^;; im a little confused.

      That being said, i cant wait to see the dreaming Cian Head and how it looks on a Super Senior Delf Body.
    4. I can't wait to see the SSDF Dion, and it's sleeping head XD !!!! Gee... and I thought he'd never be released again... --anyways, I'm soooooooooooooooo excited ♥
    5. hehe I'm with momochu, inn regards to the re-release of Cian and Dion, I'm really not bothered by their re-release at all, in fact i'm pretty psyched! xD

      Re-release of LE's is a very common practice for many companies to do, but that topic is better left to the debate threads.

      I wonder how much extra the head will add onto the SSDF basic cost. >W< Too bad they will not sell the heads like they did with Abadon.
    6. ^__^ maybe its because im fairly new to the hobby that it confused me so much~

      It does make me happy to see the cian coming out I honestly cant wait to see him as a SSDF and what they do with the fullsets *_* it makes me wish so badly it was two days from now even for a couple photo's teehee~
    7. I saw this yesterday on the Luts website and I was surprised they re-released them ^_^ But I will say PLEASE SELL THE DREAMING CIAN AND DION'S HEADS SEPARATELY!! ;; XD haha I know they won't but still. . .the Cian twins could possibly share a dreaming cian head :XD: I can't wait for pics ^_^

      *tackles Dybbuck for Dreaming Dion--aka desk buddy #3? *
    8. ^I'm surprised too~~ but you should totally get a Cian dreaming head, the twins could totally share one! xDDDD and yes, I'm totally adding desk buddy #3. xDDD It's tempting to get another Dion, too but I'm lucky I have funds to get a head after buying my girl. :sweat
    9. LOL!! I knew it will attacked you!! XD
      But omg, I really hope to see him in dreaming somehow!! (eventhough I thought the current eyes already quite dreamy already XD)
    10. ^yiesha: LOL everyone already knows I'm doomed!!! I can wait to see Dion and Cian in dreaming version. I agree, Dion's already look a bit dreamy, so I think they will look even grumpier than usual XDDDD
    11. Photos are up on the LUTS site! Super gorgeous~ <3
      Images from LUTS:



      Also, it looks like they will be selling the Special set as well as the Dreaming versions on its own~
    12. OH pictures! *A*;; Their fullsets look amazing~ and yep I knew I was doomed for that dreaming Dion. XDD He looks meaner than usual >D
    13. I'm not a big Cian fan. It's not like I dislike him, I just don't love him.
      Now the dreaming head- that head is love. Darn me and my weakness for lidded eyes! T_T I want to see more picks but he may have to come home~ (and then my school A can finally have a body to steal!)

      *settles down to wait with Dybbuk*
    14. too sexy for their own good!! nooooo i must not be tempted TAT
    15. Really? I might have to sell a doll to get this head...Dx Or my soul maybe?
    16. I second that. LUTS seem to keep re-releasing their limited dolls. What's the point of calling them limited even though they re-release a slightly different version of that doll? >.<

      But Dion's still one of my favourites!
    17. As does Volks. And Iple house makes them standard editions. No one harasses Volks though, in fact they start whole threads and petitions about re-releases. Why is that alright? Because everyone knows Volks re-release. And as you just stated, Luts most always re-releases too. For them- a limited time is just that- limited times of purchase. A Limited number is indeed a limited number. I think that people know Luts re-releases limited and be alright with that or just not buy any of their limited time periods and stick to the limited numbers~
    18. Unf, serious want for both of the dion's and then cian's dreaming head ; A;
      Whyyy must I be broke.

      Will the heads still be the same size as the original releases even though they're being put on the SSDF body? /it's a little too tall, ffff.
    19. The lust table about their heads says that those two are interchangeable so if you can get a hold of them at the later date the can do on the smaller body~
    20. Awesome, thanks for clarifying (: