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Luts Limiting Skin Types & Make-up Options

Sep 4, 2005

    1. I was looking through the Luts site today, and noticed the following on the following heads in the optional parts section:

      No make-up available on the following headmolds:

      El Dreaming - http://eluts.com/frontstore/Item/it...art_id=lutsdoll&level=&mother_catalog_num=125

      Lishe Dreaming - http://eluts.com/frontstore/Item/it...art_id=lutsdoll&level=&mother_catalog_num=125

      Soo Sleeping - http://eluts.com/frontstore/Item/it...art_id=lutsdoll&level=&mother_catalog_num=125

      Chiwoo Sleeping - http://eluts.com/frontstore/Item/it...art_id=lutsdoll&level=&mother_catalog_num=125

      Normal Skin Only (White Skin not available):

      Kid Delf Head #1007 - http://eluts.com/frontstore/Item/it...art_id=lutsdoll&level=&mother_catalog_num=125

      Strange thing is, that when I checked the categories for the full dolls, you still have the option of make-up and skin color. So please keep the above in mind when ordering optional heads anytime soon.
    2. yes, I noticed that too.. I plan on buying a Chiwoo special(so, with the sleeping head, but the full body and such..)and I wonder if the make-up will still be avaliable by the time I have enough money..but, he isn't limited or anything, right? The site says he's not, but I'm so afraid I'll try to order him when I have enough money and then they say he's not being made anymore O.O
    3. I don't think the skin colors/make-up is being limited. I think the 'commission slots' for white/painted heads are filled to the brim, so they can only fill certain kinds of orders. I think this has happened before.
    4. AFAIK, they're not taking face-up commissions on *head only* orders -- they're only doing face-ups for full dolls these days, because they have so many orders to fill.

      They've been doing this for a while, I thought . . . ?

      -- Andi
    5. Yes, it's been that way for quite a while. Erm, at least for a couple of months! :oops:
    6. When I said "limited", I didn't mean as in "limited edition". I meant that the options are being set back for awhile. I figured it was due to the amount of orders lately, but I just wanted to let people know about this in case they were planning on ordering a painted head sometime soon.
    7. thank you ^_^ just checking ^_^
    8. Yikes, your title almost gave me a heart-attack. I thought that, say, white-skin would no longer be produced for standard-editions, or something. Yeesh!