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Luts MiniFee head and body as optional parts

Dec 27, 2005

    1. This is what I asked:

      would You allow order for MiniFee Chiwoo with the girl body?
      Thank You for letting me know
      and kind regards

      And that was Doogi´s answer:

      Luts will sale the optional part of minifee from feb~mar.2006

      if you want to get MiniFee Chiwoo with the girl body,

      you must buy the optional girl body and the optional chiwoo head.

      i will try to sale the optional part of minifee, soon.

      if you have any question, do write your question on this borad.

      have a nice & happy day~!

      from : your friend....doogi

      Doesn´t that sound great?
    2. Sounds spectacular especially since they said they would release new mini fees about six to eight weeks after the release of their optional parts. *celebrates*
    3. oooh, thats so exciting!!
      i hope the less mature girl body comes out soon....im probably going to want to get one for my ani eventually!
    4. that's great!!!! I want elf Ani head with Minifee girl body
    5. Perfect! I wanted to get someone a minifee body, thought I was going to have to guy a whole Chiwoo. :)
    6. Oh, temptation... I'd love to order a MF Chiwoo special with an extra girl body and have Chiwoo twins!