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Luts MiniFee-Special

Oct 28, 2005

    1. Luts has released the special editions of Minifee Soo and Chiwoo that includes an extra sleeping head. New pictures are up-So cute! :chibi

      Minfee Soo Special

      Minifee Chiwoo Special
      Free face up promotion doesn't apply to the Specials however, it says.
    2. The Mini Soo sleeping head! I love it! :o
    3. *melts* sleeping mini-Chiwoo..too cute! ^____^
    4. ... their necks seem rather thick for their head. I'm sure a Kid Delf head, if made to fit, would look fine!
    5. does anyone know if they will be releasing the body parts seperatly? like the rest of their dolls? i would love to just have the sleeping chiwoo minifee... and the girl body.... ahahahaha, to many things to buy *goes crazy*
    6. Has anyone noticed this?

      "MINI Fée can fit KID Delf Wigs & UNOA Shoes.

      But, Kid Delf Clothes & Shoes is little bit big for MINI Fée."

      It's the first time I see this information. XD :oops:
    7. Did you also notice that all the shoes that used to be marked for "Unoa" are now marked for "MiniFee"? I guess that sort of confirms that Minifee is a Luts version of Unoa of sorts.
    8. Damn! I'm trying to convince myself I don't want a Mini Fée, but everytime I see their beautiful little bodies, I melt. I'm saving for an SD sized doll!

      I suppose it would be nice to save 350 odd dollars, then 500 dollars, though.