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Luts - Minimi Zuzu Delf

Sep 22, 2008

    1. Looks like LUTS will be bringing us smaller versions of the ZUZU Delfs!

      Announcement here!

      I hope they can stay on topic... it looks like the wrist may not be jointed.
    2. Those are really cute :) I wonder what the actuall measurements will be.
    3. Oh man,so cute!! TT_TT
    4. this is frigging adorable, I really think I might have to save up for one!
    5. Very cute, but rather than looking like kittens they look more like dwarf versions of Persi and Corni n_n Hope they have fullsets of these guys!
    6. it doesnt look like they have any joints
    7. yeah, it's too sad that they won't be on-topic, I'm sure, but they're adorable nontheless. hehehe :) They'll be fun to play with, I'm sure, even if I do miss the joints.

      For the record, without the joints, I get the feeling they're TIIINY!!!!!
    8. They look like bobble-heads. Teehee. Perhaps they are considered actual baby versions of Corni and Persi.

      I think they could be nicer with slightly smaller heads and a little bit of motion.
    9. They are definatly going to be off topic, as you can see in this picture... no leg mouvement at all and no wrist and elbow mouvement. It's more like a movable statue than a doll. It's cute but it isn't a doll.
    10. Wow they are so adorable!!!

      I can't wait for more pictures.

    11. Price is up at Luts there only $60

      When I saw them I laughed and thought kitty bobble-heads o.O
    12. Awwww. More like a statue? Booooo hiss.
    13. man I totally want these... XD Guess they cant stand on their own though...?
    14. I would like to see a picture of a Zuzu Mini with a normal Zuzu. I am suspicious that the head and tail might be the same size on each.
    15. It might be fun to get it just for the head and try to match the noggin with a tiny jointed body. Maybe a white Puki body would match? I'm terrible at trying to figure out the scale of things in my head. :sweat
    16. *sigh* I'm utterly disappointed.
    17. Woo!! They're so pretty!
      In the future I'll hope to see them in fullset! >w<"
    18. Zuzu Delf gashapon :lol:? So strange, and yet cute. Well, it's definitely a different take on babies than Pipos has done. For some reason, they make me think of the CLAMP chibi chess set, with their little stands. Paint and clothe them appropriately and you would have one heckuva OOAK chess service, Persi against Corni!
    19. awww cute lil bobblehead dolls
    20. No this is not a doll, and it will be off topic. cute but i wouldnt buy it, not worth 60$ for a figurine