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Luts Model Delf 45cm (MDF) mature mini discussion part 2

Jul 29, 2018

    1. Rain resting on the new furniture.

      ------ Added notes ------

      Luts Twitter with more pictures, including a Kid Delf Bory head hybrid on an MDF body, and what seems to be the human version of "The Master Luts" headmold

      Model Delf section on Luts website: here

      MDF Releasing Event annoucement: here!

      Measurements known so far:
      *6-7 inch wigs
      *10mm eyes
      *can wear Kid Delf shoes that are 6.5cm-6.8cm inner length (seen in the company pictures)

      See the full nude body + demonstrations of joint movement in the option parts section.

      Previous discussion threads:
      Part 1: Luts Model Delf 45cm (MDF) mature mini discussion part 1
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    2. Hi everyone! I've just started researching for my first doll and I'm so bummed I barely missed the window for the MDF centaur.:...(

      Apologies in advance if this is the wrong thread to ask, but does anyone know how an MDF boy's torso compares to a Souldoll Kids NL boy? I know the centaurs are still in production so a direct comparison can't be made yet, but I'm wondering how feasible a hybrid would be.
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    3. #3 Aoikame, Aug 3, 2018
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    4. Rain doing a bit of reading.

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    5. A bit of statistics:
      MDF Dia Real skin light tan, no face-up, ordered on July 11th, paid in full on August 14th, shipped on August 29th.
      by The Darkest Star ★, on Flickr
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    6. @Aira
      Oohhh, its so exciting to see owners pics of Dia! She looks lovely!
    7. [​IMG]
      Malachi by albino raven child, on Flickr

      Took Malachi, my mdf Blanchet / Fairyland Moe line boy hybrid, to the nature center today.

      Actually considering reshelling his face to a mdf Dia and turning Blanchet into one of my more baby faced characters. Also it is really amusing how in photos the Luts head looks more pink than the Fairyland body but in person it looks the exact opposite XD
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    8. Is model body can fit souldoll kid head, anybody try it?
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    9. @rinssoul

      Unfortunately I do not have a Souldoll head to try on my partner's Model Delf bodies. But looking at the neck measurements on Souldoll and Luts I would say it is possible.

      Female Model Delf neck: 6.5cm
      Female Souldoll new Double body neck: 6.5cm
      Female Souldoll New Line body neck: 6.8cm

      Male Model Delf neck: 7.5cm
      Male Souldoll New Line body neck: 7.7cm
    10. Thanks you so much :))))
    11. My Junia is on mdf body
    12. Do you have any picture of her? I see the mdf body is thinner than luts kid
    13. I will try get some this weekend.
    14. Thanks you, hope to see your girl :))
    15. @rinssoul Here is the comparison photo.
      from left to right, Asleep Eidolon, Soulkids Annamari and Soulkids Penz (in sandy brown)
      luts resin more on the yellow size, while souldoll on the pinker side. Also Souldoll head looks like sit a bit higher.


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    16. @marxwyn
      The souldoll heads look nice on the model delf body. Thanks for the photos!

      If you have time and it isnt too much trouble, could you take nude photos of the model delf body next to any souldoll bodies you have?

      My partner and I are thinking about making a pairing with a model delf girl and souldoll girl and are curious about how they would look next to each other.
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    17. @Alaia I only have soulkid NL boy, no girl body :(
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    18. Thanks you very much, it very helped me xd
    19. @marxwyn
      Thats alright. Thank you anyway! ^^
    20. Has anyone considered doing a petition to get them to bring back the old body?

      I'd be really tempted to get a one (admittedly to hybrid) if they were still available because those elbows and knees are to die for. :fangirl: I'd give the new body a pass, though...