Event LUTS move new website & celebrating events

Apr 11, 2019

    1. We appreciate your support always.
      For more convenient shopping, we are going to move our English website.
      Please check the notice and modify your account before using.
      Also, we have various celebrating events.


      - Website open Schedule

      8th April (Mon) : Pre-open new website - Visiting, Joining and Modification of Membership Information available.
      15th April (Mon) 9:00 ~14:59 : Temporary suspension of LUTSDOLL English website
      15th April (Mon) 15:00 ~ : Open new website

      *Before using website, you should check your account and modify it.
      How to CHECK&MODIFY your account <- CLICK!

      - Celebrating Events

      1. SNS Spirit Bomb!

      Please visit LUTS Facebook or Instagram!
      Share the facebook post or Regram the Instagram feed with #lutsdollcongrat
      Assemble the power of everyone!

      over 50 sharing - $5 coupon for all members.
      over 200 sharing - $10 coupon for all members.

      over 100 #lutsdollcongrat โ€“ Plus $5 on the coupon.
      over 500 #lutsdollcongrat โ€“ Plus $10 on the coupon.

      2. 50% Discount shipping event : ~29th April, 2019
      Shipping discount coupon will be issued for all members, for over $200 order.

      3. Daily sale on Limited head : 5 days from 15th April
      1st day - 4/15 15:00 ~ 4/16 14:59 Senior65 Delf XYLON ver.65 Limited
      2nd day - 4/16 15:00 ~ 4/17 14:59 Kid Delf PINE Romance Elf Limited
      3rd day - 4/17 15:00 ~ 4/18 14:59 Delf CLARY Limited
      4th day - 4/18 15:00 ~ 4/19 14:59 Kid Delf JAMONG Romance Limited
      5th day - 4/19 15:00 ~ 4/20 14:59 Senior65 Delf DIEZ Romance Limited

      4. The order of honor!
      First orderer in LUTS English site - Honey Delf MADELEINE Sweety (including Face-up)
      19th orderer for celebrating LUTS 19th Anniversary - Honey Delf MADELEINE Sweety (including Face-up)
      within 50th orderer โ€“ LUTS $20 Coupon.

      Visit our New Website and enjoy our various Events!
      For more details, please check our notice here : LINK!
      If you have any inquiry, please feel free to contact us through Q&A board.
      Thank you very much!
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    2. it seems that when recovering your account in some cases you may need to use your name and username