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Luts Na-Nu-Ri 2007 Gift Event Head

Jun 9, 2007

    1. I'm not sure if this is right or not, since this head doesn't look like Na-Nu-Ri at all.

      Luts Gift Head event from June 11th to July 11, 2007. Free head (random skin color) for purchases above $333.




      (I'm... I'm really confused. Did Luts put up the wrong image, or is that a resculpted Na-Nu-Ri? He appears to be a Sleeping Vampire version, but I think he looks more like Shine than Na-Nu-Ri.)
    2. Because people keep asking all same questions in Discussion thread and it's already getting big and it's hard to look for information, here's the summary:

      1) To qualify for the order you need to order Luts/CP dolls or parts or clothing/shoes/wigs of LUTS brand in total of $333. Shipping is not included in that price. Face-ups are included. For example, a "Kid Delf with face-up" order would qualify for the event head.

      2) You don't need to add the head to shopping cart (it will stay marked "Sold out" during whole event), it will be added to the box with your order automatically when it's ready to ship. It will not show up in your order status, but you will be getting it.

      3) It is stated that skin color is random, but there's no harm in asking Luts to send you the head in certain skin color. Especially, if you're buying the body to put that event head on. Make sure to ask nicely in the request box when you place the order. They honored requests like this in previous events, while was also specified that skin color would be random. It doesn't mean the color is guaranteed, but they're very good satisfying customer requests.

      4) Only orders that are PLACED starting June 11 qualify for the event head. Make sure not to place the order too soon and do not fill in the shopping cart in advance. Luts is going to see which order qualifies for the event by the date in the number of your order (20070611-XXX and so on). Because their shopping system generates those order number the moment you start filling in the shopping cart, wait till it's June 11 in Korea to start shopping.

      5) Wig, eyes and make-up showed on event head photos are not included. If you want make-up, you need to buy it separately (it's available in Option Parts section of the site). If you want custom make-up, specify the details in Request box, when you place the order.

      Hope this helps! :)
    3. I get the impression that "Juri" and "Na-Nu-Ri" are referring to the time of year that the gift heads are issued, not the actual sculpt.
    4. IIRC, someone in a previous thread who spoke Korean said that both words could be translated to mean something along the lines of 'gift'.
      There was speculation when Juri '06 came out, that 'Juri' would always be the 'winter gift head' name irregardless of appearance, and Na-Nu-Ri would be the 'summer gift head' name...and this bears that out!
    5. ^^ Sha, that's the right head...

      But I was wondering about eyes. O.o I looked for something saying whether the free head came with eyes or not, but I didn't see anything... -.- Did anoyone see what they said about it?
    6. The event heads don't usually come with eyes.