Luts "New Delfs" Discussion - thread 2

Jul 16, 2014

    1. I got my Senior Delf Ann today! :love Does anyone know if Luts has actually released the clothes seen in her sale pictures? I can't find it on their website and now I'm little a sore because her sale images are exactly what I had in mind for her.

      Edit: Also, what size fits best on Body Type 5/6? I dropped the ball on getting stuff for this girl when I ordered her months ago LOL.
    2. @IngieBee I feel that way about a lot of company photos! The number of times I've thought I didn't like a doll based on company photos, only to find out later I loved it is up there!

      @Moorish It might be worth asking Luts if the outfit in her sales photos is available. I'm not sure if I have seen that outfit available or not. As far as what clothes will fit best I would guess SD13 but I don't have anything that could say for sure one way or another. It may be worth bumping up the Senior Delf thread ( Luts Senior Delf Discussion Part IV) and asking there to make sure that the people with the Senior body are aware of the question and can give you an answer.
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    3. Ah heck. All these threads confuse me. Thank you. :abow:
    4. :D No worries @Moorish I'm constantly messing up since Luts used to do Fairyland dolls, then they split, and it's been confusion ever since :D
    5. Ah hope this is the right thread, have been digging around the website after not using it for so long!
      Has anyone got any pictures of Dan, Annamarie, Yeon, Arwen, Ann or Juhee? (Not altogether obviously but anything helps!)

      I really like the look of them but prefer non company pics T-T
    6. I'm curious about Dan too as I've been wondering whether or not to get him. I haven't ordered though because I'm still waiting for Luts to oneday release a new Delf male body as well. Sadly it seems they have no plans to at the moment :|
    7. So, is anyone else excited for the Clary (head) re-release? :D I can't wait to order her tomorrow!

      On a related note, does anyone know how consistent Luts' resin color is these days? I'd kinda like to wait until the summer event to order her body.
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    8. So I decided to put a Volks DD outfit on Nina to see how it fit and the bust is a little tight but not so tight it strains the hook. So allow me to present...
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    9. @Haruhi Your girl is beautiful! It's nice to know the Volks DD clothes mostly fit! Which body is she on? The type 3 or the type 5?
      It looks like type 3 but I figure I should double check! The type 5 is definitely bigger so if it is tight on the 3 the 5 probably won't work.

      Oh apologies I only just saw this! I have an Ann. She's super cute in person!

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    10. She is adorable! I really want an Ann in tan, and she just makes me want her more
    11. I'm pretty sure she's type 3. So yeah I guess she wouldnt work with 5. Some larger DD clothes may since this dress only goes up to DD M-bust. There was still some room in the waist.

      Edit: I'll take a couple photos of the dress with the jacket off when I get home
    12. Oh, the thread woke up :D Beautiful girls, @Haruhi and @malvinas I only have Isabelle and I think her unspectacular faceup on the website has made her one of the least bought sculpts :( I think she is so pretty. I would love to see anyone else's Isabelle if they have one to share. Here is mine, though the picture was taken a while ago, need to make new pictures :/

      [​IMG]Luts Delf Isabelle by ingiebee, on Flickr

      Of course my faceup is far from professional, but it's the lips that I think I don't like on the luts faceup??
    13. EDIT: I got help with the website, thanks!
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    14. Took some photos of how the dress part of the outfit itself fits! but first: I wanted to show off the resin eyes I made. :)

      So the back of the dress has 3 thread hooks. The type 3 body fits on the second hook for all three rows. So it can go larger, but I'm not sure of the maximum bust measurement that'll fit this specific dress.
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    15. the details are beautiful on that dress!
    16. AAAAh all your dolls are so cute. I didn't take a peak farther back but I also have like one of the least bought sculpts too and yet everyone compliments her. Luts really started to step up their faceup game in the past year and I saw them redoing older sculpts so maybe we'll eventually have updated faceups for all the dolls?

      Here's my delf yeon!
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    17. @keisu aaah I'm so glad you posted your Yeon! I don't think I've ever seen an owner photo of one before! She's so cute! Please share her more!
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    18. She's really cute! Kinda reminds me of the old cp sculpts. I dont think ive seen any owner pics of her before, i didnt like her that much from the company pics, but i really do now
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    19. @malvinas @whooganana I've actually talked to luts about that before, they said "a few were bought" including the person I was talking to and a few is like 3 so... me, luts worker, and some rando... I am the ultimate yeon owner
    20. Why aren't these sculpts more popular? I don't see anything wrong with them!