Luts Senior Delf Discussion Part IV

Apr 26, 2016

    1. I heard of this too. I was trying to order Kathy through Family, Friends and Dolls and they alerted me to the reasoning behind their delay in processing my order. I must say I agree about the photos, and that my desire to purchase her was based solely on her wig-less pictures.
    2. Hello everyone! I like Vino so much but I want to put him on Senior Delf type 4 body :) I don't own Luts big dolls so I would like to ask you some questions:abow: Do you think he will look unproportionate on that body? Can type 4 body stand and sit nicely (or easy to pose)? And if you also own SDF65, I would love to hear your opinion about their pose-ability. Thank you very much in advance :)
    3. Hi all! I hope no one minds me bumping this up but I was wondering if anyone had any pics of Senior Delf Ani or Spica? Any bodies would be fine since I would get them on delf bodies anyway. I really just want to see owner photos of the head sculpts! Thank you in advance!
    4. Okay. Maybe right thread this time, lol. I got my Senior Delf Ann today! :love Does anyone know if Luts has actually released the clothes seen in her sale pictures? I can't find it on their website and now I'm little a sore because her sale images are exactly what I had in mind for her.

      Also, what size clothes fits best on Body Type 5/6? I dropped the ball on getting stuff for this girl when I ordered her months ago LOL.
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    5. @Moorish, yes. The clothes were on sale when this version of Ann came out.
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    6. I remember seeing those outfits only last month when I was making my own Luts order (from what I recall there were 2 versions, one in red and one in blue) but they’re no longer on the website now so they must have sold out. As for size, I’m assuming most SD girl clothing will fit just fine. Luts has her listed as SD16, but in their clothing charts it says that most of the various outfits they offer for 1/3 girls will fit SD13-SD16, so there can’t be that much of a difference.
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    7. Oh bugger. Well. A new look it is then haha. Thank you.
    8. I think I've asked about Jointed hands here before, but does anyone have Soom F Jointed hands they can try on their SDF Girls? I specifically have the type two but any would work...though I have idea if all the versions can share hands or not tbh.

      I am determined to get jointed hands for my girl this year. She needs gloves and guns.
    9. Sorry late reply, I have a Senior delf Spica and I'll post a pic later
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    10. @paxita that would be awesome! thank you!
    11. @malvinas here is my Spica, he´s my cute little white fox :)


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    12. Oh wow! He’s amazing @paxita...those ears and tail with that awesome wig totally make his character. I absolutely love the way you’ve styled him...he is every bit the white fox indeed!:)
    13. Aww thanks!! I already had that fox wig and the tail, but they weren't for Spica, he was going to be another character.
      But while his own wig was coming, I tried this white fox wig, and it was like Wow !! he looks perfect and so cute!! I adored him ... and well, the rest is history :)
    14. @paxita aaahhh! He's so cute! Thank you so much for sharing him!
    15. awww you´re welcome!!
    16. Hi, everybody. Trying to get back into the hobby. Got me an older Eveline (~9 years old), and tried to refresh her a little. Her name is Sima. :)

      Not completely happy with the faceup, but it's my second so it is what it is. I think it serves my need for now, I want her to look a little young and magical.

      Still waiting on her eyes and the hair to make her wig so she's very incomplete, but here she is:

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    17. I hope this is the place to talk about SDF65.

      Kicked myself ever since I missed Xylon (especially with that faceup) and very very happy for this 24 hour sale! I ordered mine in normal with faceup and a cardigan I couldn't resist. Anyone else taking advantage?

      Also does anyone know about the Diez head? It seems like a special romance version maybe? Or I'm missing something. Either way I'm ordering him too and will have both my boys home soon yay !
    18. @Mareepu She's very lovely. What eye color and hair color will you give her? :)

      @Littlebirdzoom Congratulations! His faceup is so gorgeous. I really like that too!

      I'm not getting more dolls since I just ordered Mr. Idealian haha.
    19. @taykung I actually got her eyes today! :) I'm thinking of light hair, dark eyes. Had to remove her eyelashes (unfortunately. They were a nightmare to add and remove...), and there's some gapping going on, but I think it's fine.


      Just waiting on the alpaca to come now. :celebrate

      Speaking of SDF65, I'm waiting on a brown skin Bliss, which I'm super excited about. I had wanted Bliss since forever, but never could find a reason to justify SD sizes. Now that I can, I'm also taking advantage of the gorgeous brown skin. :D
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    20. @Mareepu She's cute! I'm sure she will look very lovely with light hair color :3nodding: I'd love to see your Bliss when he arrives. I love his face and brown skin looks nice. I only have Vino in normal skin (he's on SDF body V. 4) and I really love the resin :D