Luts Senior Delf Discussion Part IV

Apr 26, 2016

    1. We need more photos here :wiggle my oldie Yvaine (Mia 2011). Can't stop loving this sculpt and wishing to get Verna as her sister
      [​IMG]290 by Salvarion, on Flickr

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      This is Luts Senior Delf discussion thread!

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    2. My Laila girl got a new style! :D Working on a permanent character for her and everything, but for now at least here's a pic of her new style:


      (eta: please don't mind the ghost dolly head reflection lmao her girlfriend wanted to be part of the pic but I didn't want to balance both of them at the same time on.. okay, it's a television, she's literally balancing on top of a flat-screen TV lmao. Have I mentioned how much I love the posing on this girl lately?)
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    3. Karis and Rain being adorable :XD:
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    4. Does anyone own chloe with default faceup? I've been searching for pictures of her but fairyland chloes keep coming up instead >_>
    5. @salvarion @roserising lovely girls! Loving the wigs on both.

      @Cuteasadoll your couple is adorable as always!;) Though it looks like that alpaca is trying to make a move on Karis...:cool:

      I can finally share Colette in her full glory (complete with dolly photobomb) now that she has her Fairyland body. This girl is the love of my freaking life but, damn, she was a lot of work to put together.>_o

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    6. @Kimchi OHH I love her whole look :love I've admired her since you'd posted just her head!
    7. @Kimchi May I ask you where did you get the gorgeous pink corset dress Colette is wearing? (Please pardon my rudeness for asking you this)

      It's fine if you choose not to answer and thank you in advance for your kind reply. ^ ^
    8. @Cuteasadoll thanks!:D

      @reitsuki Colette's outfit was made by AyuAna on Etsy. All of their outfits are one of a kind, unfortunately. However, they periodically make similar outfits (for example, I have a lavender tutu-corset dress from them, too), and I think they may also accept commissions. Their stuff is a little pricey, but totally worth the cost.:D
    9. @reitsuki you're welcome! Since you like this style, I'd also recommend four other Etsy sellers: ATSlalaland, venecja, NIGO Workshop, and lelahel. I own outfits from all these sellers and they are amazing!
    10. Photo of my Kana (by someone else) from a recent meetup. I really want to get her nails done.

      [​IMG]DSC_7670 by Billy Bennett, on Flickr
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    11. Hi all! I think all of your Senior Delfs look amazing! I have a quick question. I'm looking at a Senior Delf boy, and I don't understand the differences in the male body types. Are all of the differences cosmetic (different level of muscle definition) or are there significant differences in the male body types? Thanks!
    12. @bananapudding The Type 1 is single jointed and has no mobility joint in the thigh, but Types 3-4 I think are all double-jointed and are cosmetically different more than jointed differently.
    13. Thanks @Cuteasadoll I thought it might be something like that but I couldn't really tell from the Luts website.

    14. Thought I'd revive this thread with a pic of my girl :) I really want more Luts dolls -- I just have my Laila right now -- they're so beautiful and they pose so beautifully!! I love this girl so much. Pic is a little old -- I have some new ones but I need to edit them, so these are from before my recent move. Still pretty.

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    15. Is this a new thread?? When did that happen? And how was I already subscribed....?

      I can post an old photo but it's probably been seen since I only have about four XD


      I need to take more pictures of her, she's got a fabulous new outfit and new wig....but I'm still working on her shoes, so......yeah.
      I can post a crappy cell pic of her from Doll-A-Kon. She standing on our booth. That's all I got! Until I finish her shoes. And hands. Mostly shoes.
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    16. Thank you!!

      I found this


      Which is sort of what she looks like now, but not, since I went crazy making accessories and finding better wigs and she's got new hands (which showed up while I was in Texas at the convention lol dammit)
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    17. Agree with salvarion :D We need more photos here!

      My Lumin Atis

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    18. Did someone call for photos ;) Karis and his girlfriend got in front of the camera today <3
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