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Luts: New Dolls for July- Kid Delf Hodoo Girl [Pictures up!] + Honey Delf Pudding

Jul 25, 2009

    1. From Luts:

      NEW ARRIVALS for July LUTS (2009-07-25 )

      Thank you for your attention and love always. :)

      Today we make announce on NEW RELEASED DOLLS at the end of JULY!!


      1. Kid Delf GIRL HODOO

      - Will be released on 28th July, 2009

      - Photo and further information would be opened soon

      - Currently, Kid Delf in Real Skin WHITE is not manufactured.
      They are only in Real Skin NORMAL Option.

      2. Honey Delf PUDDING (Real Skin WHITE) &
      Honey Delf TAFFY (Real Skin WHITE)

      - Will be released on 30th July, 2009

      * NOTE

      We will start manufacturing Real Skin WHITE again - from Honey Delf.

      Some of dolls which were released only as Real Skin NORMAL will be manufactured in Real Skin
      WHITE (like Honey Delf)... and we will resume to manufacture white skin for KDF and SDF as well.

      It takes quite long time to prepare new skin and re-design our various dolls. We understand and definately recognize many of you want to see them as soon as possible, so we are doing our best.

      If their release schedule is decided, we will make notice like this time. Do not worry and please wait for our further notice. Once again, we need ENOUGH TIME to prepare it, we seek your understanding. :)

      Thank you and have a nice day!! ^^


      Looking forward to seeing them. :)
    2. Kid Delf GIRL HODOO's promotion pictures are updated. She is just gorgeous! ;)


    3. Pics for Pudding and Taffy up. :)







      Summer-ish seaside theme?
    4. :0
      *empty's bank* LUTS HERE I COME!
      But one question, will they come is different sizes?