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Luts~New Senior Delf Pretties: Laila and Kara Discussion!

Jul 6, 2010

    1. So when I saw these 2 I was kinda like ^on my knees WHY LUTS WHY!

      They had 2 release 2 amazing lovely dolls at once so now im opening a discussion thread to spam and squee about them. ^drum rolls kawaii stylez :o
    2. Well, Kara doesn't do anything for me, she just looks like any other Luts doll to me.

      But Laila is different - the more I look at her the closer she gets to my wishlist!
      :aheartbea I absolutely love her lips. :aheartbea And though she's already very cute I think with a little modding and a different face-up she'd be amazing.

      Damn, here I'd sworn to never get a Luts doll, and now this!
    3. lol rillja, yea I fell in love with Laila as well she reminds me of an anime character they make cept with large lips kinda like on the cover of the lolita bible ^^. I really think she would be a good doll to get I will have a few other lut's I thought I would have like one XD. I didnt bond with my past ones but future yields new hopes I suppose ^^. I do find kara pretty though she just has an old world elegance and looks to older mature woman for me, however that outfit she has on is total love ^^
    4. Loving Laila like... Whoa.
      Finally! I can SD my Cherry boy appropriately.
    5. Kara seems a bit too plain imo, but laila--she GROWS on you!! the more you look at her--(as Rillja stated before) the more you want her! her eyes are a bit sad though, and her lips were shaped very softly, it makes her look very, very, innocent! ><
    6. lol seems we are starting a laila fanclub haha, but you guys have to admit that the dress on kara is gorgeous, wouldnt it look nice on laila XP?
    7. I think I like both dresses... Though I wouldn't have a girl lol! They are definitely cute.
    8. :D yes! laila would definitely look gorgeous in kara's dress~ the dress is very elegant and modern, but the design on the torso seems to bug me a bit >< or is it just the perspective they took the dress in? anyways--i imagine laila wearing a darker brown wig, perhaps with straight hair that cuts off mid-bust and fuller, longer bangs than on her "default" wig (shown in pictures). i do have a hard time picturing her in different hairstyles...aside from the dress--what hairstyles do you think fit her?
    9. I want my laila to be like a lolita anime goddess kinda XP like you would see on the cover of the lolita bible light pink hair no idea what eyes cutesy outfits XP
    10. I love Laila too...and am trying to resist her, as i just got a new Senior Delf (iris). Kara is cute too, she reminds me of a Custom House Lubi. Actually, I love them both...wish I could buy them!!
    11. awe Sylphide never say never if you can care for them and got the room you should buy em O_- course I am a bit of an enabler saying that opps XD
    12. I'm with you there, MidnightDreamer - Laila would make a gorgeous lolita. Problem is, I already have one cute little lolita complete with pink hair and bunny ears... well, Laila could always be the gothic counterpart with cat ears. :kitty1

      Damn, I think I'll have to open a split sometime in the near future, I really want her but not with the Luts body. I bought their high-heeled feet for my B&G girl and I really hope they fit colour-wise. If they do I'll be going for a B&G body for Laila or I could just use the one I already have, I love their wide hips - just like the Iple or Soom girls, nice womanly curves. :aheartbea
    13. I love the senior delf body, I was wondering if the feet they come with is the high heels feet or are they normal feet and luts sells heeled feet seperate?
    14. @MidnightDreamer: They come with normal feet. You'll have to buy the high heeled feet extra.
    15. Sooo...has anyone ordered Kara or Laila yet?
      I am very close to getting Laila.... the more I look at her, the more I love her!
    16. I kinda have other dolls I need to acquire first, but please share your laila when you get her ^^
    17. Kara is adorable for me. Luts confirmed my payment today! I can't wait to see her.:sumomo:
    18. COngrats on your Kara, Lexine! I ordered my Laila on July 19. I hope our waits are short! :)
    19. Thank you very much, Sylphide.
      Let's hope together!:D
    20. I will be ordering laila soon I am so excited to get her