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LUTS new shoes galore

Nov 4, 2004

    1. I've been on their website this morning and nothing new...few hours pass and there u have 4 new pair of shoes for sale! :?

      gosh, why are they doing this to me. LOL

    2. yeh why I just placed an order! and paid already

      OH just noticed the black and white boots i love are for BOYS

      ** Does that mean they only fit the SD13 BOY foot?

      Um I would not want these on a boy on a girl however!!
    3. oh i'm so tempted but i sent/paid for my order for the new black maryjanes the other day and promised myself to be a good girl for a little while... :cry:
    4. Yes I was just in the middle of emailing them to see if they could add one pair of shoes to my order. BUT then I remember SO many who have said they messed up the order so I think its best for me to leave it too.

    5. eh true!!!:|
      I also wanted to do something similar but i put it off...LOL better wait a little more.
      Btw, I found out the shoes i ordered were sold out WHEN i sent my info and money and it didn't show on the website.
      then, since I wasn't hearing from them about a confirmation, i emailed them and found out they were waiting the new stock of shoes to come before writing to me *_*
      now I got to think: what if they were NOT going to re.stock them????

    6. I love the plainer black Mary Janes {I'm not a fan of snakeskin} but I've been trying so hard not to spend any money! :cry:

      I really hope the shoes aren't limited as I'd love to buy quite a few of the new ones! :D
    7. Good thing they're sd size or else I would buy them :oops:
    8. They should make more for kid delf. >.<
    9. From what I've heard boy Luts dolls have the same size foot as boy SD, not boy SD13 (so they would be too small for SD13)
    10. I also hope they aren't limited. But, since they re-stocked the Maryjanes i ordered last week, I guess they will be available for quite sometime. i hope so anyway.
      in the meantime i'm being a good girl :oops: ...i got to!!

    11. Oh thats good to know! :D

      I'm trying to resist too, but they're so pretty! :chibi
    12. *cough* They have a new pair of boots for Delf up there... And they're awesome. How can they continue to make such cool stuff?
    13. Luts boy feet are the same size as SD and SD13 GIRL. They WON'T fit SD13 boy feet, only Luts boy feet. They'll fit Luts girls too.
    14. Those 'BIENNALE KWANJU' boots are so gorgeous...why? Why don't they fit SD13 Boys? **weeps**
    15. New shoes at eLuts... AGAIN.

      HOW can they be so cool? It's so rare that I want every single shoe that they have to offer. Jeez. And then again, I wouldn't mind a pair for myself too! :3
    16. OMG! UNION JACK SHOES!!!! *dies* The blue is a bit... garish, but omasiogha. I want them.
    17. man...people at LUTS are sure creative!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D

      when I first started this thread I didn't think we'd be adding new comments on new shoes so often!!!!!!! :D