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LUTS no longer restocking MNF clothes??

Jan 26, 2008

    1. I asked LUTS when they were going to restock the Veronica Set (since it wasn't marked 'Limited' or anything) and their reply was:

      "Dear kiradyn,

      Hi!Sorry but we don't have any plans to restock MNF clothes that were sold out in the future.

      If you have any other questions, please don't hesitate to contact us.


      They're no longer going to restock their MNF clothes??????!?!?

      If I had known that they were not going restock those items, I would have bought them while they were still in stock!! Now I have to see if anyone in the marketplace is willing to sell them!! ;o;

      I've just asked them if a final restock was possible. Because it's already hard enough to get MNF clothes as it is, and now [i[this[/i]??? Even if it's because they're no longer marketing/distributing the MNF line, given the lack of MNF clothing, it'd be a wonderful business opportunity for them!!

      I'm very disappointed in the way their going. Just because you're no longer in charge of a certain doll line doesn't mean you have to abandon it entirely!!
    2. I think it might be due that Fairyland is going to start carrying them. So you might contact Fairyland and ask if they will have the same outfits. Good luck!
    3. juliepinetree>> yeah, i've left a question about that in their CSC board. ;o; i really hope that's the case, because i'd be really disappointed if they couldn't get the old clothes and could on have new ones (much as new clothes would be awesome, i love some of the old stuff too!!) *hopes*
    4. in their announcement about the minifees, fairyland states: "MiniFee dolls will be available first, and MiniFee parts and accessories are going to be updated continuously in near future." i would assume this means clothing and shoes and the like will soon be stocked by them...hopefully this will be soon!
    5. Meanwhile...
      If you can find it, you might want to check out Silje's Marketplace thread - she makes some very pretty dresses for Minifee girls. And if you can sew, there is a great pattern for minifee girls with a corset, shrug, and skirt, and another with a different corset and outfits (the pictures in the listings aren't coming up right now - hopefully soon so you can see them :

      And Minifee girls should be able to wear most Unoa/Narae clothing - Minifee bust is same as Narae, waist a smidge smaller than Unoa, but Minifee hips are .5cm larger than both of them.

    6. Hasn't Luts always been a non-restocker? I thought all of their clothes were once-it's-gone-it's-gone anyway?
    7. fenris>> oh god i HOPE!!! ;o;!! *fervent prayer*

      carolyn>> thanks for the link!! (the specific item i actually wanted was the veronica set--had my heart set on one, but was trying to curb my impulse buys since i don't actually have the girl MNF yet.) shall check it out. :3

      skwerlie>> they don't restock limited outfits, but they restock normal/standard outfits. (i finally got the marvin set after like, 4 or 5 restocks. x.x)
    8. *sigh* I wont be surprised really that Luts would discontinue their MNF clothes. For that reason, I have also quickly snapped up optional hands for my MNF Elf Shushu though I have no idea if they will stop selling MNF parts.

      I really love the MNF clothes on Luts and it is such a pity. I have to agree with kiradyn that it is hard as it is to get MNF clothes which fit perfectly and also the shoes and now without Luts as an avenue for these items, it is gonna be harder. I only hope that Fairyland will start selling MNF stuff soon.

      On another note, I do think that Lati Blue line clothes fit MNF? I had the Lati Classic Loli dress for their Blue line and it is a great fit for my gal.
    9. carolyn>> btw, does she sell clothes as well?? i'm currently too busy to sew. busy with schoolwork and exams and stuff. D:
    10. Unfortunately, I don't think so - though you could try contacting them. I think the first one may do some sewing for fashion dolls (and I imagine they sewed the outfits pictured on their BJD patterns - once anyway).

      Designs By Jude (DIM pattern with the shrug) - contact info:

      The two patterns for Minifee are from Patchwork Pansy - email link at bottom:

      MiaK sews for Minifee but her shop, WayKohler is closed right now:

      As I mentioned above, if you can find Silje's thread in the Marketplace she has some lovely outfits for Minifee.

      And Unoa/Narae clothes should fit if not tight in the hips (minifee .5 cm bigger in hips).

    11. carolyn>> thanks for the links! ^o^
    12. Also -

      Not cheap but Cheerydoll has Unoa/Sharmin/Minifee size:

      Ajumapama USA carries some Unoa size and occasionally has a preorder for Ajumapama clothes and sometimes for Leeke shoes.
      Pre-order Unoa clothes Until Jan 29, 2007 at 9AM

      And here is the big Narae clothing thread. I believe both Minifee and Narae have slim 5.5cm feet so they should also share shoes. Just remember Minifee's hips are a bit larger.

    13. ^____^ thank you!!

    14. Ah, I guess all the outfits I'd wanted that went out of stock were limited and I didn't realize there were standards as well.

      Though I guess it's not that surprising that they won't restock clothes for a doll they no longer sell- when they stopped selling Bambicrony dolls, they stopped making new outfits for them and the section kind of sat around until they started making the Honey Delfs, at which point all the old Bambicrony outfits were re-labeled as Honey Delf outfits and put into the Honey Delf section. : /
    15. skwerlie>> ^^;; still, i thought they'd keep the clothes line, for profit if nothing else. ^^;; since not man places sell stuff specifically for MNF.