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LUTS now provide the neck part~

Oct 21, 2005

    1. I'm sorry if I missed something obvious, but... what exactly is that for, anyway?
    2. for your convenience to open the head~
    3. Ohh. Well that's pretty cool.

    4. That's great! Although I have no idea when I'll order again!

      I wonder if they'll include a mess of them for group orders???
    5. Aw.
      *was hoping for a neck-peice that allowed girl heads to fit on boy bodies somehow, or vise-versa*
    6. A neck part would be awesome! It is soo hard for me to get my girls head open >_<
    7. Much more convenient than the bottlecap I used on Sera!
    8. they don't fit on kid delfs do they... :(
    9. I thought Kid Delfs already had these thingies in them?
    10. maybe... I haven't mustered up the courage to open up Hoshi's head yet...
    11. my ani head came with a thing inside her head to put the s-hook in
    12. Excellent! These also appear to be compatible with other brands. I DEFIANTLY need to place an order with luts soon, there's some wigs and tools I want... eee~
    13. Yeay! I just placed an order for two Luts heads a couple weeks ago. I e-mailed Sean and asked if I could get two of the neck parts sent with my heads and he said yes.
    14. Wonderful!!! ^^;;; But I won't be ordering anything anytime soon... Darnit!!