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Luts offers free face up for the Mini Fee..msg

Oct 26, 2005

    1. Just got an email from Sean..

      Hi~ lovely Maria

      How are you doing ?

      Thanks for your intereste & full support about Mini Fee.

      So We have Period Mini Fee Make-Up event until 31.OCT.2005(In KOREA Time)

      If you buy Mini Fee, We will make Mini Fee Make-Up(Only Mini Fee) for free.

      This Make-Up is Limited Make-Up.

      So your order bla bla bla.. mini Fee SOO.

      We will make your Mini SOO Make-Up look like this picture
      Pic from the website...

      I think this is a very generous offer from Luts...weeee!
    2. What's a Mini-fee and what the heck does the special makeup look like? :?
    3. CP's version of Unoa/Sharmin/busty mini doll; I guess something like what they have pictured on the dolls currently?

      Link here.
    4. yeah its the exact same face up as in the pics, and they said it would take 1-2 weeks extra...i think its a great offer...
    5. That is great, but how come this is not posted in the notice board. This is so tempting, but I need to be strong and hold out for a Mini fee BW chiwoo/El/Lishe.
    6. It posted in the mini fee section :)
    7. wow ...just wish He were an El
      I would have bought him in a heartbeat
      could you imagine an Mini Fee Elf El Vampire ...dies
    8. Wait, one to two weeks extra?

      So, instead of the 2-3 weeks it says on the site, it'd be, what... 3-4? (not complaining, just making sure!)
    9. Great... now the mini Chiwoo is tempting me. He is very much like a doll in one of the screenplays I am working on. So now I have like 3 days to decide if I want a non-standard boy mini instead of a standard girl mini :cry: