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Luts opening Pay Pal for April

Mar 31, 2008

    1. This was on the Luts Notice Board. I hope I put this announcement in the right place. If not please move it.

      Temporary opening of PAYPAL luts (2008-03-31 )
      Dear everyone in LUTS!
      We'd like to thank you for your support.

      We are going to opening PAYPAL account through 1~30/April/2008.
      The account address will be given randomly, so please remember given account address and send the payment.
      If you used other account address which is not the given to your order, your payment can be left out from confirming.
      Also when you send payment through paypal, please write your order number on [Message to Recipient’s subject].

      If you have questions, please let us know.
      Thank you.

      # We can't accept Lay-away. Feel sorry for your inconvenience.

    2. so, this will only be until the end of april? and what do they mean when they say "given randomly"? not everyone will get to use paypal?

    3. I think it means that Luts are keeping more than one paypal account, providing you with a random among those when you place the payment.
    4. Sounds like they are going to give a 'random' paypal address for you to pay to. So that their funds don't get trapped as easily under one account they spread it around to several.

      And time frame is most likely so they see if this works or not, before making it a more permanent option.

    5. They're likely just doing this for the new releases like they did for the december event.
    6. Ahhh why only in april?
      I hope they soon open paypal payment permently. :(
    7. They used to have paypal permanently but paypal has caused Korean sellers a lot of strife with extra fee's, ect.
    8. Did someone know HOW to pay with paypal ?? Because I want to buy some things and Luts only propose "credit card" and "wire transfert"... T___T
    9. If I remember correctly, you select "credit card", and then on the next page it will give you an option of putting in your cc or selecting paypal.

      If that doesn't work, you may want to ask them about it on their message boards.
    10. Actually when you go to pay you have to select 'wire transfer' after that it gives you a paypal option. At least that's how it was back in January for the Breakaway release :D They should also send you a paypal addy with the order email.