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LUTS Option Parts (SSDF body & SDF Type2 body!) on sale

Jun 24, 2009

    1. Thank you for your attention to 09 Summer Event! :)

      We have prepared our OPTION PARTS for a long time, finally here they come!

      Thanks to your a lot of attention and request, we did our best to prepare them for you as early as possible.

      Now the most popular and flexible body with beautiful Real Skin color parts are released,
      please enjoy the end of Summer Event.

      - RELEASE DATE : 29th June 2009, 12:00 p.m. (noon) Korean standard time (PDT +17)

      * Super Senior Delf BODY
      * Senior Delf TYPE 2 BODY
      * Kid Delf HANDS (Rocks)
      * Kid Delf HANDS (Scissors)
      * Kid Delf HANDS (Papers)
      * Kid Delf HANDS (Holding gun)

      - NOTE
      * The parts are NOT LIMITED.
      * The parts are manufactured in only REAL SKIN NORMAL.
      We do not accept inquiry about their other skin color release plan currently.
      * PRICE and further PHOTO will be released soon. :)
      * These Kid Delf HANDS parts are redesigned so that they are different from former KDF Hands parts.

    2. Wait, I'm kinda confused. The Senior Delf body is already for sale (well not type two, but type one). Does this mean it will be on sale...??
    3. This is not an "it'll be cheaper" sale :sweat - they just state that the Type 2 Senior Delf body will be available without a head from now on. It has different jointing than the Type 1 and many people were waiting for it to be sold separately :)
    4. Woo! :D I've been hoping this would happen for months~! *glee* Thank you, Luts!!! <3
      Does this mean that the SDF type 3 body will now come with all SDFs, or is the SDF type 3 body still exclusive to the new SDFs?