New Doll [LUTS] Petit Delf Special sale

Jun 9, 2016

    1. Petit Delf Owner limited special sale-(Favorable price)

      It's sale for almost 25% from regular price.


      * The owner of LUTS CUTIE or AIDOLLS (Custom house) PETIT.

      -How to join the event?

      1. Please show picture of your 'LUTS CUTIE DELF or AIDOLLS(Custom houes) PETIT ' with ID or Name on Q&A board.
      2. Please order this item(Petit Delf Owner limited special sale-(Favorable price).

      (You can order with same name of 1)

      3. Please leave the message about the head you want in request box when you order.

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    2. Can you please add also the measurements of these dolls? Thank you!
      I'm a bit sad because I thought they was 26 cm... but honey delf are 26 cm .. so these petite are surely not 26 cm... :(
      I wish Petite was the same size of the old ones Petite ai......
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    3. They are 28~28.5cm tall, as same as LUTS Cutie Delf & Custom House Petite AI.
      The detailed size information will be opened later, before 20th June.

      Thank you so much for your interest! ;)
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    4. How big is the head??
    5. Please can you link here the exact full measurements of Petite Delf body? I cant find the body pictures and the measurements ♡ Thanks...
    6. Body pictures

      The measurements are on the first picture and not written anywhere else on the page.
    7. About Head size :

      Head girth of Petit Delf is 6.5 ~ 7 inches, which is a bit bigger than Honey Delf's head girth.

      Body Measurements :

      We noted it on Petit Delf BODY information only. Thank you for connecting the link here, @baxterbrat ! <3