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Luts Plans on Coming out with more Tanned dolls

Dec 27, 2005

    1. Does Luts plan on putting any other Dolls in Tanned Skin? Like Kid Delf Ttori? I hope so...

      hi~! lovely Nuku

      how are you doing?

      i checked your message~!

      luts have the plan of other tanning skin dolls.

      i think~ the tanning dolls (lishe, chiwoo, kid delf dolls, and so on....) will be released

      at next year.

      i will let you know the matter by notice board when the dolls be released.

      if you have any question, do write your question on this borad.

      have a nice & happy day~!

      from : your friend....doogi

      ^_^ I can't wait xD so I might have to get a Kid delf Ttori Elf boy and air brush him tanned
    2. I asked about tanning Mini Fee and got our favorite answer ^^

      "That's good advice.

      We will make in the future.

      Thanks for your advice."

      YAY! ^___^