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Luts price adjustment

Sep 1, 2008

    1. If I have not read it wrong, Luts is going to increase prices as of September.

      Here is their notice:


      Thank you for your visiting. :)

      We make announcement about our adjustment of all product price in English site.

      Most of all, we are sorry for the inconvenience.

      At the moment, Korean currency is going down and down so we have decided to adjust all price of our site.
      We accpet US$ only, so we think we should adjust price at this point.

      All price adjustment work would be on Thursday, so all work about payment confirm, response through board and email and all shipping would be stopped. It is only adjustment of English site, so manufacturing dolls and make up would be OK.

      Also some help about order error or payment error would be happened, so please avoid order from 3rd September to 5th September.

      After we complete price adjustment, we will make new notice. Please use our site better price after the notice. :)

      - Because of Korean currency decrease, we adjust all product price
      - on 4th of September
      - All work (payment confirm, board and email response, shipping) would be stopped.
      - To avoid confusion, payment error or order error, please do not make order from 3th ~ 5th September.
      - We do not take order cancel of dolls. (Our all dolls are pre-order)

      Thank you and have a nice day!!

      for the link--> http://www.eluts.com/frontstore/web...l&bId=57649&Step=1&Number=150&Code=lutsdoll_2
    2. About confused point, there are new edited sentences!

      - We do not take order cancel of dolls. (Our all dolls are pre-order)
      - Price will be 'lower' because Korean currency is going lower than US$ and other currency.
    3. Is this price drop going to affect Fairyland, as well, since the companies are affiliated (at least in my understanding)?
    4. The two companies are not actually affiliated, so if Fairyland has not made their own announcement, this change would only affect Luts. :)