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LUTS : Price change

Feb 14, 2006

    1. LUTS :

      Wow... 10%... ;_;
      So which means, 460 USD will be 506 USD?
      I'm currently saving for Miyu, and now I have to save more. :|
    2. I think they should just use the won prices
      it's easyer(no worries about other currency's dropping)
      also for euro countries:
      $460 = €386.13
      $506 = €424.83
      460000KRW = €397.966

      not to mention you loose money because you have to convert the amount two times
    3. Its because of the exchange rate that Canadians get it cheaper, and unfortunately the company is aware if this, thats why they have different versions of the sites witrh different prices. There is no way around it unless you get a Canadian to buy the doll and ship it to you. The prices on the Japanese and Kprean version of DOD have exactly the same price differences-if you are shipping to the UK or US, you recieve a polite e-mail telling you to buy from the Englishsite, and your order is cancelled.
    4. The layway info is very helpful, and I think it is very generous of Luts to offer this! I would suggest asking them how layaway will work with the price increase before ordering though, just in case they can't lock in the current prices for some reason.
    5. That was going to be my suggestion as well. For those who have a big part of the money, but not all. Maybe doing a layaway. You could always use like half of your current doll savings as the "down payment" and then continue to use the doll savings to make payments while also adding into the doll savings. Although like Deb said you might want to do an inquiry first to make sure you wouldnt be hit with it later.
    6. This isn't the first time they've raised prices because of the weakening dollar. When I bought DES she was $430 not $470, it's just business and as annoying as it is, 10% more really isn't that much when you think about it. Sure it's another $50 or so, but really what's $50 when you are already spending $500? I'd rather have them increase prices some than stop offering dolls in the US. Though I agree stating prices in Won would be a better option for them, then they'd always get the right amount of money.

      I must admit I am tempted to order one of the dolls I was planning on now instead of waiting though.
    7. While I still agree that having the price in won would be better, you cannot in fact pay with won through paypal. You can pay with dollars, yen, pounds, Euros, Australian dollars, or Canadian dollars. So I think perhaps that having the price in won really might not be the best for some people because there would be confusion with conversion and which rate to use. The conversion rates you find on places like xe.net usually are not the rates that the banks would actually give and I think Luts would end up losing some money if people used those rates.
    8. That's only on dolls with 18mm eyes because they currently come with acrylic instead of glass because there were problems with the glass eye supplier. Once they have a stock of 18mm glass eyes again the price will go back up.
    9. no I don´t think this applies to confirmed orders, hence the "deadline date" (deadlier thank they think btw)
      10 per cent may not sound as a big deal but sucks sucks sucks!! and qhen you think it stops sucking then it sucks some more:(

      why..why do I have to be so taken by this new luts boy..^^U
      seems like this "volks inflatable syndrome" is besoming infectious...

      ..anyway..no one said this was an easy or cheap hobby, I guess this will make your doll more worth it once you have it
      ..try to stay positive cause there´s nothing else we can do
    10. I believe that you can't order from the Japanese site if you don't currently reside on Japan.

      "CAUTION : Japan Website can be used only located in Japan customer. "
      This was found in this message:

      Hope it helps!
    11. 3 things: 1, I think the title of this post should be price increase, because I thought this was about the acrylic eye doll price decrease and so ignored it up until now.
      2, Does anyone remember the last price change? I was around for it, but I forgot whether they increased the price on everything, or just dolls. I also wish I remembered whether just heads increased in price last time, because I don't think I remember them being cheaper...
      3, which is kind of obvious: Would whoever gets any answers about this before the 18th (about layaway, only for dolls vs. everything, payment in non-US currency, etc) post as soon as they can? I want to ask as well but I don't think it'll do any good because they never answer my emails anymore unless I've paid them some money, and the Q&A board averages about 3 days to get an answer, so there'll be no time.
    12. For those of you waiting to hear back about layway I got tired of waiting and placed an order. I stated in the comments box I was doing layaway. I then sent my first paypal payment saying something like "this is payment #1 for order #XXXXX". It all went through fine and I got an email from Sean yesterday:
    13. I'm getting very interested in trying to put my boy on layaway, and i was wondering before I get into it if you can do it on a multi-order? lyke, I want to get my doll, but order a wig with him...would layaway still be possible?

      if it is-- then all I would have to do is e-mail Sean, ask them about layaway, if it's a go then...place order and in the time span of seven days make first payment? thank you so mucch!!
    14. You can order a wig and pay layaway.
    15. Rynn: thank you much for the reply :) I figured you could, but I just wanted to make sure. now just to get mom to go along with it :) :eusa_pray
    16. FYI, from Luts (US) site, it is stated in the English & Chinese notice/QnA that there is a 10% increase in pricing.

      There is also a 6% increase in yen price for Luts Japan site.
    17. i think they really mean "10%", not $10, because it says the same thing on the chinese question board.
      so it's not typing mistake, i think. anyway, has anyone hear back from sean or doogi?
      i left few questions on the board, but havent see any reply, and same thing happen to other questions, i didnt see any reply. what's wrong? are they on a break?
    18. The $529.14 - is that what it would be without the 10% on top or is that with it? I know Soony is currently $470 but I don't know how much shipping is to where you are. If its without the 10% i'll need to scrouge up some money for a layaway payment.
    19. teddybay-o, the $529.14 is with shipping to the US. So no 10%.