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Luts Re-opens Kid Delfs

Dec 22, 2007

    1. Good news for people who wanted to order Kid delfs, bad for people who felt rushed to order and missed the christmas event

      Dear all customers,

      Thank you for the supporting on LUTS.
      We have some good news for you.

      We are going to open selling ‘kids Delf’ dolls which were stopped for a while.
      Open selling day will be December 24 and here is selling list to help your understanding.

      Kid Delf Girl LITCHI
      Kid Delf Boy BUZZI
      Kid Delf Boy BORY Kid Delf Boy MILL
      Kid Delf Girl CHERRY DREAMING
      Kid Delf Girl ARU
      Kid Delf Boy CHERRY
      Kid Delf Boy HODOO
      Kid Delf Girl CHERRY
      Kid Delf Boy ARU
      Kid Delf Boy AN
      Kid Delf Girl ANI
      Kid Delf Boy ANI
      Kid Delf Boy TTORI
      Kid Delf Boy WOORI

      If you have any question about that please contact us by Q&A board.

      Wish you wonderful season and happiness!
      Thank you.


    2. The event goes until December 31st, so those who want to order a Kid Delf that's back on the list have not missed the event.