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Luts: Redemption the Moon- How long is he available for?

Apr 10, 2009

    1. (Please feel free to move this thread to its proper place if it doesn't belong here~)
      Well, I just found out that the Luts Full Package [Redemption the Moon] is limited according to their website. Does anyone know how much longer he will be available/how long he has been available? I'm a little confused... :?

      Could someone please explain to me how Lut's limited full packages like Redemption the Moon work?
      Thanks so much~ :aheartbea
    2. He's been around since April 2006, I'm not quite sure how you mean "how they work" You purchase him and you get everything you see in the pictures as well as a certificate of authenticity. His outfit, face-up and such are limited, but the sculpt The Moon isn't limited, for the record.

      Luts says he'll be available until he sells out. I think there are supposedly only going to be 100 sets total?
    3. xD You answered my question... I think. So Redemption full set is a certain set of limiteds? Eek! ;_;
      Better hurry up and get him, then~ :aheartbea
    4. I wouldn't worry too much... as Somnambulist said, he's been around for a few years by now and still hasn't sold out. You can check how many are in stock by clicking that little up arrow next to the "quantity" box on his sales page until you get an error message. It looks like there are still 13 sets left.

      You might also keep an eye on the secondhand Marketplace... there's a chance he might pop up there and a seller might be willing to work out a layaway plan. Good luck!
    5. Lol, that's what I thought when I scrambled to get mine. He's still there and I got guy in July :XD:
    6. he's a very beautiful one*___*, that he is (i can attest to that --- he's the very first doll i got XDDD, as you can see! he's gone through some names already but i still can't let him go! hurry hurryXDDD !!)