Update LUTS refinement of SDF65 TERRA, BLISS, ABADON, JOE | Resuming OPTION PARTS production!

Jul 6, 2018

    1. Thank you for your loving our dolls. :)
      We refined our previous dolls – TERRA, BLISS and ABADON for Senior65 Delf body.


      Please check the refinement point as below.


      attach file 2 : [​IMG]


      attach file 3 : [​IMG]


      [CHANGE of ABADON as SDF65 version]

      1. Better proportion for Senior65 Delf BODY
      2. Modified head shape for better wig fit
      3. Smoother eyehall inside the head + head type engraved in
      4. Polishing of whole facial area with more detail
      5. Reducing tiny asymmetry
      6. Smoothing angeled line from forehead to eyebrow
      7. Make lachrymal glands - under eyeline curve gentle

      If you have inquiry, feel free to contact us via Q&A board.
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    2. [NOTICE] Resume of OPTION PARTS production

      Thank you for your attention and love always. :)
      Today we make announce on resume of doll parts production. We appreciate your generous waiting.

      * All parts of 'OPTION PARTS' category
      * resale period : 10th July 2018 (Tue, KST) ~

      If you have further inquiry about this issue, please contact us through LUTS website Q&A Board immediately.
      Thank you very much!

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    3. Will the heads that are in the Option Parts category be available again? Like the Model Delf Sleeping heads?

      Do you think you will ever do another option part special event where we can buy any head seperately?
      (I know you did one a few years ago but I missed out. :( )
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    4. Will Senior Delf heads be available for sale?
    5. The head parts which was sold as basic parts (like KDF head parts / MDF head parts) are sold again,
      but the rest of new option parts head will not be added as our currently plan. Thank you for the interest! :)
    6. Hello!

      LUTS refined Delf JOE head as Senior65 Delf version!

      Check the detail of refinement and new version JOE photos~



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