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Luts released face cover mask

Nov 25, 2005

    1. 3 sizes of the face cover mask to protect make-up completed head.
      SD size: http://eluts.com/frontstore/Item/it...art_id=lutsdoll&level=&mother_catalog_num=649
      MSD size: http://eluts.com/frontstore/Item/it...art_id=lutsdoll&level=&mother_catalog_num=649
      Cutie Delf size: http://eluts.com/frontstore/Item/it...art_id=lutsdoll&level=&mother_catalog_num=649

      I think it's really cheap comparing with Volks. (I almost bought it in Volks store for $11 last weekend.:sweat)
      And it has a hole on each side so you can use lace to tie the mask for a fixed position.
      The only thing I'm considering is the thickness. I heard Volks' is kinda thin so it's not very protective. If someone got it please let me know~~
    2. Dont laugh, but the best faceup protector I've seen is a regular paper dixie cup attached to the front with a strap of foam/tape. (Without tape getting on the head.) The cup is empty air, so there is nothing whatsoever pressing against the faceup. They aren't super-strong, but still stronger than the volks plastic thing.

      Of course, they look utterly absurd, especially if you draw moo-cow mouth/nostrils at the end. Not that I've done that... ^-^;;

      For $1 though, these would be worth trying. If someone buys one, please write a little review!
    3. I used an empty roll of masking tape (thick, short, cardboard tube) with a rubber band and some plastic wrap. *grin* I can't possibly laugh at a dixie cup.
    4. hey homemade solutions work for the best don´t they??^^
      I´m actually carrying kyuubi around in this case that holds like 4 tennis rackets, even the pillows fit and it´s very solid and protected, one can even leave it on the floor without it getting stained^^ yup..my brother is still looking for itXD

      anyway next time I order from luts (mini fee or El) I´ll be getting one of these for ^Kyuubi^^
    5. Laugh at a dixie cup? No way^^ I use a clean slushie cup lid! THey come in different sizes for the different dolls too XD Ooooo ♥ I may order one if I end up getting my Mini Soo though^^
    6. Oh since my boy did not come with a face protector, I actually used the plastic cover for the mouse (PC mouse) =3=;;;;;
    7. actualy that is a very good idea!^^

      I haven´t been using any protectors on kyuubi, but did not carry her around that much except for the meetups
    8. Yes I use slurpee lids from 7-11. they're FREE. :fangirl
    9. I butchered a cardboard post office priority box, rolled it around a tin can, taped computer paper on the inside, sealed it, and put it around Nono's head and shoulders when I mailed her out. I didn't even have to leave the house to get anything! Yay for bootleg mask-makers!
    10. Hmm.. so I guess it's not a smart idea to use bubblewrap? I kept the original stuff that Sai came wrapped in and wrap that around his face and head when I pack him up, as he didn't come with any face covers.
    11. I use soft bubblewrap very loosely under the face covers that came with our dolls, in case the face cover gets smooshed down, so that bent plastic won't scrape the face if that were to happen *crosses fingers that it never does*.
    12. The plastic conainer that cupcake cups come in (^___________^)!!!

      They fit MSD sized doll heads pretty well. Just wrap the head like it has the mumps and put it in<3

      No more mushed eyelashes~YAY :daisy