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Luts releasing a "Senior Delf"? O_o

Apr 16, 2007

    1. Following up on nathankatt's news post Here, I also received a black and white flyer from my package from Luts today.

      Seems like they might be putting those into recently shipped packages as advertisement. So basically the flyer says:

      More information will be updated on 23th of April (in Korean, English, and Japanese).

      And the picture is of a boy nose-down in a profile shot, so most of his face is hidden. The flyer is black and white, I might be able to scan it after I set up my scanner properly tonight.

      Senior Delf!! *so excited* I think he's definitely going to be a taller boy, but I wonder how tall? (is hoping for 65-70cm range)

      So, anyone else got this flyer? XD
    2. 0___0 Yeah, I recieved a flyer from Luts too when I got my Miyu. =O I wonder how'll tall they'll be! Taller than the Dollshe boys?! GASP-ED. *wonders* They sure looked tall in the flyer... o.O I actually thought it was a Dollshe boy at first. xD
    3. Maybe they won't be tall, maybe they'll just be old. >_>

      Senior Citizen Delf? Or... not...
    4. Here's the pic of the flyer:


      o.O I took a picture of it when I was opening Ruki up...

      Edit: ^^; Oh and sorry if it's shadowy and dark... >>; It wasn't so....sunny at the time I took it... and my flyer is in JayEll's hands right now.. ^^;
    5. LOL :lol: I can just imagine a wrinkly old El all bent over with arthritis and a long mohair beard.
      No I'd assume it would be a larger size like 70cm. If the are compatible with the Delf heads I'd love to have one :D .
    6. I will die if Luts has made a larger doll, just curl up and die. ;_; I have such a weakness for large dolls, it's a wonder we don't have any Dollshe yet, or Sabik... or Jace... ;_; Want big doll.

      I'd have to see the full face for sure, he looks nice so far though... if not oddly familiar.
    7. Oh i'm excited!
      I've always wanted one of the tall boys, but i've never really been crazy about their faces *hides her signature*
      But Delf sculpts, meanwhile...

      As unclear as that photo is, it still looks a little like El and a little like Shine, don't you think?
      I really hope it is a tall Delf!
    8. from that profile, i really love his lips <33333
      oh gosh > < i can't wait to see him soon!!!
      a larger CP boy is just too great!
    9. Oooooh how exciting!
    10. that pic look smexy omg
    11. Ohhhhh I'm VERY curious :D
      Thanks for posting this!

    12. THIS looks promising~~~ :D
    13. Ooohh..yes indeed.
    14. Ooooh... the big dolls haven't seriously interested me before now, but one by Luts definitely has me intrigued.
    15. Oh snap. O_O
      I can't wait to see more of this.
      Thanks for the pic, Angeliprimrosa~ ^_^
    16. *gonk* NO, Luts, NO! My wallet can't take the pain!!! My siblings DO NOT need a father D:

      ..... but the idea of a Senior Citizen Delf made me die. XD I can just see it now... long white beard with a walking stick, hunched over and... *stops and walks away*

      I'm interested to see what this will be :3 Taller Delfs would be wicked!
    17. I'm so excited!!!

      Maybe this could mean I can bring Kylyk back sooner than I had anticipated! :D :D :D
      ... but only if he's like a Dollshe/Jace equivalent.
    18. I was a fool for thinking seeing the flyer would satisfy my curiosity! :...( I think I'll go crazy waiting for a week to pass now!
    19. Passing out and dying now. I need another huge boy like a hole in the head and was already leaning after the Unis, but a huge CP boy? This may spell doom.
    20. Oh dear :o His lips are love!

      (*chanting* do not want, do not want, do not...arrrgh -_- This is not working!)