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LUTS Says: Vampire Lishe in the future!

Sep 10, 2005

    1. I was just browsing the Q&A boards on eLuts, and saw this was a new post response:

      Hi~ lovely Erisque

      How are you doing ?

      Thanks for intereste our Dolls.

      SOO Dark Elf Vampire will be in stock next week.

      Please wait for moment.

      We have plan to make Vampire Lishe in the future.

      Thanks for your advice.

      If you have any question, send mail to me or do write on Q&A board.

      Have a nice & happy day~!

      Thanks a lot~ See ya~~!

      From: your friend......SEAN

      So for those of us who were hoping for elf Lishes... we may get vampire ones at least. :)

      - Molly
    2. SWEET!!! :grin:
    3. :o A Vampire Lishe in the future!! I hope the future comes soon!! I'd really want to buy her!!!
    4. BlindEnvy, thanks so much for sharing this !!!
      You make my day !!!! :D

      So my Evann (lishe normal skin) will be reincarnate... finally !!!! :grin:
    5. Could be a Vamp Lishe with human ears as opposed to the elf ears..

      Either way sounds intriguing.
    6. I also asked Sean about more boy elves, and they said they do have plans to make another one. Yah!
    7. Azurielle > did he say whether or not they'd be limited? *crosses fingers for standard!Elf Yder*

      Anyway - Vampire Lishe sounds awesomely awesome. It'd be way cool for someone to make Gabrielle, from The Vampire Lestat.
    8. Newbie here, so please forgive any ignorance. SOO Dark Elf Vampire will be available to order next week? the out of stock one? (jumps up and down in glee) This is the one I absolutely must have, the head at least..body can wait :lol:
    9. VERY COOL!! :grin: I hope she is not super limited. I've been on the fence about getting a Lishe. This might be the girl that pushes me over!! Just hope she doesn't arrive anytime soon. I need to save money and sell dolls!!
    10. Meep> don't know if the boy elf will be standard or limited, Sean didn't say. But Luts definetly needs to put out more elves...both male and female!
    11. Yeah, I hope the boy elf isn't limited. It's not fair. :{ I was lucky enough to get Ghaleon, but so many people want boy elves! They shouldn't be limited! spread the loooove~ *snugs ghaleon*
    12. Oh, yes batchix, you're so right ! I'm so happy to have my Nyle too... But he feels so lonely....