Luts Senior Delf 65 Discussion Part 1

Dec 29, 2014

    1. This is the discussion thread for the new Luts Senior Delf 65 dolls.

      Link to the Luts Senior Delf 65 dolls (HERE)
      Luts Waiting room (HERE)
    2. Awesome! I like the new boys. I seriously want to get some of the SDF65 clothes but they're all out of stock and have been for over a month now. Does anyone know anything about that? I think I might ask on the Q&A board at this point....
    3. Yay, thread!! I'm ordering Carmine this week, I can't wait to get him. I really fell hard for him when he came out :D I haven't seen any other orders yet, though. Has anyone ordered one of these boys yet?

      About the clothes, I don't know! I have other things for my boy that I want to get, so I haven't considered asking them about it. It would be great to know more about it though. I would like the wig Carmine is wearing, which has also been sold out for about a month :(
    4. So I ordered Carmine, anyone else interested in these boys?
    5. Hi all! Just wanted to show a few pictures of my SDF65 Ginger, who arrived on Christmas Eve. I was finally able to paint him last night! :)


      Here's a few Instagram shots:
      Here he is with my old Delf Chiwoo.

      Unfortunately, he's not fitting in well with my crew, so I think he has to go.. but I love his body so much. He poses like an absolute dream!
    6. Ooooh, he's magnificent! I'm so happy to see some owner photos while I not-so-patiently await my gorgeous boy! The body looks amazing, really awesome!
    7. yea agree.. I love both SDF and SSDF boy bodies hahaha
    8. These boys are so beautiful, I love their sculpts and size. The two new boys look like they will be further great additions to this line, and I sincerely hope that more people get into these boys and that Luts continues to push them.
    9. Yes, so excited to see new boys popping up already! The teasers look promising :)
    10. I would very much like to see a photo comparison of the new Senior 65 Delf boy body with the Infiniti Doll SID (65cm) boy body. :)
    11. Just ordered a Carmine. So excited I can't wait *cries
    12. Ooo! He's my favorite so far!
      Lots of pics, when you get him, please!
    13. That would be interesting to me as well, maybe someone will eventually have both :)

      Oh yay, so happy to see another order!

      Luts seems to be taking about six weeks atm, but my order is a bit... Well, huge. So I don't think my boy will get home in two weeks time already (ordered first week of January), but still maybe this month? I went ahead and ordered the last of his things so they'll hopefully still come before him :)
    14. Looks like they just released info on the two new boys, Gray and Range! Seems they'll go on sale this Wednesday :)
    15. Yay! Range has my kind of features, but I feel like he's a bit too young looking somehow. Both of them are gorgeous, though!
    16. Range is a cutie bad boy x) I like him !
    17. Planning on getting range soon. He'll be my first SD (breaking away from mini's~) so Im just wondering are clothes hard to find for him? Also i think i want to make a hybrid and put him on a crobi r-line body. Has anyone tried mixing a SD65 head with a crobi r-line body? If so pictures would be much appreciated. (Maybe even a resin comparison, if not a hybrid)
    18. miffimifster yep!! Will do ^ ^
      Wennie Did you order during the winter event? My friend placed a big order and I requested Luts to ship my Carmine with hers so it might take a while too. And did you get face-up for him?
    19. Yes I did! I got two type 4 SDF bodies for floating heads as well as some wigs and torsos for my husband. Which made me qualify for the free My Choice and I chose the boy I've wanted for years: RSB Claus on the SDF type 4 body. I got him the default faceup and yes, I got the faceup for Carmine too as it's exactly what I was looking for for his character, Kharan :D
    20. Congrats!! I'm so excited for you. Box opening will be so much fun!! I also got the default face up and got an e-mail earlier that the eyelashes I ordered ran out so got the chance to ask about the order. They said they'll be ready to ship around late March to maybe start of April ^ ^