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Luts Senior Delf Camilla 2nd Edition & Blanchet makeup change.

Aug 12, 2009

    1. I guess in an attempt to promote the sale of these beautiful girls, Luts has decided to take out the old versions of Camilla and Blanchets default makeup and re-release them both with new default makeup.

      Camilla 2nd Edition: http://www.eluts.com/frontstore/Ite...rt_id=lutsdoll&level=&mother_catalog_num=1012

      Quoted from Luts:

      Thank you for your visiting. ^^

      Today we announce the changed makeup of our girls - Senior Delf CAMILA Limited and Senior Delf BLANCHET.

      Please enjoy our lovely girls' new photo with different makeup!

      * 2nd version of Senior Delf CAMILA Limited

      CAMILA will be offered with 2nd makeup design since

      - 11th August, 2009, 18:00 p.m. (Korean standard time)
      - Since the 2nd makeup is offered, former makeup of CAMILA is not offered.

      * Changed makeup of Senior Delf BLANCHET

      BLANCHET with new makeup is offered since

      - 14h August, 2009, 12:00 a.m. (Korean standard time)

      *** NOTE

      - There is no change of body option or other option - this is only change of makeup design.

      - They are offered in Real Skin NORMAL Only currently.

      If you have further inquiry, please contact us through Q&A board. :)
      Thank you for attention and have a nice day!