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LUTS Senior Delf Discussion - Azure, Ethan & Camilla

Nov 28, 2007

    1. News Thread Here

      Hello lovelies,

      Thought I'd start this thread since I'm very eager to start talking about the new Delf Seniors Luts' posted on the 27th. If you haven't seen them yet, they are:

      Senior Delf AZURE Limited

      Senior Delf ETHAN

      Senior Delf CAMILLA

      They're all so very lovely :kitty2 Azure is trying to convince me that I don't need to pay off my credit card bill with that pretty pout of his. Camilla is just....lushcious ^_^

      Everybodies thoughts?

      (p.s. a little OT but, when they say limited for 30 sets first, do they mean first to buy, or just 30 for now, but more later?)
    2. I like them all *_* Ethan is my favorite so far, but I'd like to see him with a face-up that isn't so pink..he looks pretty young in these pics and I'm wondering if he could also look a bit more grown up. Azure is gorgeous and I love Camilla, she looks a bit bitchy, I like it XD
    3. Just me, or does Camilla look like a cross between Blanchet and Dion? Eheh, I love that faceup on Azure, cute.
    4. Ethan is :love :love :love

      There are no words to describe him. He is the most gorgeous doll I've ever seen!

      Azure...looks...ill ^^; The faceup is gorgeous, but I think he'd be better with a different one. Otherwise it makes him look like he's on his deathbed >_>; He looks a little like Cian so....not sure if I like him or don't like him. He's got a cute look to him, a gentle one.

      I'm still very impressed with Ethan. Lord I MUST have him! :aheartbea
    5. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Why Luts why!?
      Azure = Win
    6. Why are they limited? D:

      Azure is lovely but I like Ethan more... Ethan Ethan Ethan... WHY are you limited? D:

      ...the only consolation in them being limited is I won't kill myself trying to buy them >D
    7. ?? Weird duplicate, delete please (stupid browser -_-)
    8. Gah... if luts would have released Ethan with a double joint body I would have bought him 1 dec!!! >< he is totally gorgeous!
    9. >____<; I am in utter love with Azure! Ethan is awesome too, but Azure is by far my favourite! x.x;

      I love him so much ;_; But only 30 sets? That's like... so small of a chance!

      I do hope they sell Azure on his own one day ><;

      And It's a damned pity Ethan is limited too ;.; I wanted both!

      Maybe my unloved-enough Dion could help me out here >>;
    10. I figure Camilla looks like a mix of Blanchette and Annette, who just so happens to be Dion's sister. ^^;

      Azure...just....=O i want him. I'll never HAVE him. but i WANT him.

      and i realized why i think hes so pretty. Y'know how a lot of people say Cian looks like Bory's older brother, or an older version of Bory? Azure looks like the older counterpart to Mill, i think. And i like. and i'll be reduced to oggling Azures forever now. *grabby hands*
    11. Oh my God I really love Ethan... Azure is really cute too but he looks even younger and sadder.

      I've never been interested in Luts dolls until those so I don't really know how limited dolls sell: do you have to be in front of your computer at the given time if you want to grab one or do you have at least a few hours/days to order?

      There are 100 sets of Ethan, I can't believe they would sold out so fast...
    12. gah they've done it again v___v Azure is sooooo gorgeous!!! i love his smokey-eyed face up and his pout *sigh*
    13. Ethan... T_T
      He got a great potential, i love his profile view esp!
      Why must all the great looking ones be limited T_T
    14. Azure!!! His smokey eyes are so beautiful. I sure would like to win him in the Lottery.
    15. Totally got my heart set on Ethan and Azure. They look so similar without looking exactly the same, I want them for a set of brothers. I'm definitely going to be ordering Ethan the minute they open ordering... then it's just a matter of waiting to see if I get Azure. ;~;
    16. I would love to win Azure. His ill complexion makes me want him sooo :aheartbea *swoons* :aheartbea If I cant have Azure, I'll definetly get Ethan. I love his boyish look :XD:
    17. Azure! Azure! Azure!
      I really like his faceup! *_*
      *Sigh* Why will he be in lottery ??? :evil:
    18. I love Azure's faceup, but I'm not sure about the sculpt itself. I think this may be like my sudden adoration of Dion...which went away quickly after I saw him in other faceups.

      Ethan is my favorite of the three, the more I look at him the more charming he seems. If it turns out that he's not limited, I'd consider buying him someday. :D

      Camilla is very pretty, but not my type of girl. :)

      I never trust my first impressions, though. I often fall in love with dolls the first time I see them, and then forget them the next week. :sweat
    19. I wonder how you'd get a faceup for Azure if he's something you win. It says he doesn't come with a face up, or clothes. Do you think Luts will give you a choice if you want a faceup if you win him? And you'd have to pay for it? Its kind of confusing.
    20. On the site is says that Ethan and Camilla are limited too...
      :aheartbea Ethan :aheartbea
      Botflybaby: The lottery is for Azure's clothes, I think there are 30 sets... well I thought it was for the clothes... maybe it's for the doll but I don't think that would make much sense I'm really confused now... lol