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Luts Senior Delf Posability?

Apr 20, 2008

    1. Sorry if this isn't the proper forum; it lookedl ike it was, and I'm feeling a bit pressed for time; there are only 4 left of the SDF limited I've been looking at. DDD:

      SDF owners, how do they pose? Is it difficult to get hands and feet in different positions? Getting them to hold poses? Would you prefer if the bodies were double jointed, don't care, don't want? Tell me everything, please! You cannot give me too much detail, and there is nothing too trivial to be mentioned, I promise! :)
    2. I really really love the senior delf bodies ^^ Male and female. <3

      The female bodies are amazing posers but the joints are a little ugly really (easilly hidden with clothes). They seem to be able to move in any way you want them to! Totally posable! <3

      The male bodies are not double jointed - it would be amazing if they were. But even so, they are still great posers, quite stuff though. If you wanted a senior delf boy to do feminine poses, you'd have to pick another doll - their movements are very boxy and masculine, I like that myself.

      The thing about both genders is that they are brilliant standers. I've had my boys stood up during an earthquack and they've barely wobbled XD

      All in all, I'd really go for that senior delf ^_^ It's up to you of course, but I can honestly say they're probably my favourite dolls <3
    3. I have an Ethan and he stands like a champ! o __ O; seriously, I can just plop him almost anywhere and he'll tower ominously XD; the other night I had him standing ontop of my bed (puffy mattress + comforter) with one foot tipped back on its heel and he didn't even wobble. he is rather stiff as WolfeClaw mentioned but I think his posing is great. his arms will stand out in front of him with no effort at all and he can even hold up my nintendo DS on his own. I've also gotten him to hold a kid delf on his back while standing with relatively no problems. The one problem he does have is that he can't look up very well at all. Since he's the tallest of my boys it doesn't bother me much but I can see how it limits his motions. Also, real skin is kind of hard to match with other companies but not imposible, I've seen a few hybrids out there with really good resin matches. you could always look for a different body if you're not satisfied with the SDF one. (I personally think it's wonderful)
    4. Thank you both very much! I ordered my SDF today, and it was very reassuring to hear such great reviews. <3 Thanks again, I appreciate it. ^^
    5. Umm, though I am not sure these photos can be help..:sweat I love the body of Senior Delf (my boy is AZURE) very much.





    6. One thing I found about the stiffness was that my SDF was a bit tightly strung on arrival. However, even after restringing (for cleaning) and making him looser and more floppy (and therefore, more cuddly!), he still stands and holds poses amazingly well.