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Luts senior delf size eyes

Mar 13, 2009

    1. This might already have a thread but I have a few questions about eyes

      I have a senior head and size 16 mm eyes, would these fit the eye sockets or are they to small? What would be an appropriate size for the head? I love the eyes so much would they better suit a smaller head?
    2. Depends which head it is, I think? I used to have a Dion and he fit 16 mm just fine and a friend of mine has a Bliss who even wears 14 mm. So my guess is that it would work :3
    3. For my boy,SDF Cian.I use 16mm eyes and also 18mm
      16mm is perfectly fit on my boy.For 18mm eyes it make my boy look cute:<<This is just my oppinion.:sweat

      I agree with Raouken.It's depended which head do u have.
      Some of head has small eyes than others one right?
    4. I use 16's on my girl, her default eyes were huge!
    5. Ok that helps...I guess it's more of a try em out and see. Hopefully they fit her